Waren Story

Immerse yourself in a treacherous world, filled with horrific monsters, deadly dungeons, and endless war in this spectacular, free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG. Gear up and step out onto a vast battlefield to conquer an enemy?s castle, or hunt down your enemies in the open world.

Waren Story is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG from Aeria Games. The game is filled with visually stunning animation that immerses players in a treacherous world full of monsters, dungeons, and continuously raging battles.  Waren Story succeeds in providing a spectacular free-to-play fantasy gaming experience. Set on the continent of Waren, players will create heroes with hopes of battling and defeating The Shadow, a mysterious force from Waren?s past, who has returned to bring troubles once again. Players will face off against The Shadow?s nightmarish and fascinating creatures, recruit allies for the war, and fight in deadly PvP battles. Deep character customizations, a variety of special skills, and a long unique list of weapons, armor, and other items will be available.

Strive to be the strongest in the land by defeating terrifying monsters, completing challenging quests, assembling a devastating arsenal, and becoming one of the strongest guilds in the land! Here?s more of what Waren Story has to offer:


Are you ready to unite your friends and obliterate the opposition? Bring ruin to your enemies in our ten exciting Wars! Compete against monsters, other players, and even other guilds to become the best in Waren! Demonstrate your skill by mastering them all!

Riveting Animation

Tired of boring and uninspired skills? Look no further! Feel the power of your attacks and revel in the beautiful devastation as you lay waste to all manner of powerful enemies!

Intricate?and Deadly?Equipment Choices

Waren Story?s customizable gear is both beautiful and deadly. Make your gear your own by leveling it, enhancing it with sockets, and upgrading it! Create the perfect set of gear for every occasion!

Dynamic Classes, Extensive Skills

Do you prefer cleaving your enemies with a great sword? Skewering them with arrows? Filling them with lead? Or would you rather challenge them with your bare fists? Fight the way you want to fight, developing an arsenal of deadly skills and shape yourself into anything from a nimble archer to a fearsome berserker.

Strong Support System

Surround yourself in powerful allies! Purchase NPC mercenaries who will follow you into battle no matter what the odds! Ally yourself with other players to form parties and guilds! Enlist the aid of faeries to increase your stats and summon powerful Guardians to sow destruction on the fields of war! Remember, you?re never fighting alone!

So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of Waren now!

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