Warframe Goes Open Beta

Digital Extreme’s sci-fi cop-op shooter, Warframe, has now broken down the walls of Closed Beta allowing the masses to get there hands on the highly anticipated title. Now in Open Beta, Warframe puts players in control of Tenno warriers, a race which finds unimaginable power and skill through the use of ancient exo-skelatal technology. Up to four players can join forces on the hunt for ancient artifacts and weapons.

Closed Beta began back in October of 2012 in which selected players assisted to improve the game’s experience. Coming out of the Closed Beta period enthusiastic and thankful towards those who participated, chief creative director on Warframe, Steve Sinclair stated, “The road has been wild, but through the fixing, the breaking, the smashing, and the rebuilding, the Warframe community has supported us and it’s heartwarming to see their love for the game matches our own.”

Switching focus to the state of the free-to-play market, Sinclair continued, “Free-to-Play has reached a level of acknowledgement within the gaming community that now demands higher level production values and in-depth gaming experiences. We’re delivering that with Warframe and if the success of the Closed Beta is any indication, it’s well on its way to pushing the Free-to-Play frontier into the next generation.”

Along with the Open Beta, Warframe is also receiving its largest update to date, Update 7, which brings with it some much anticipated features, including:

  1. Open environment snow planet
  2. Two new Warframes with poison and sonic powers
  3. Sentinel pet system
  4. Global Chat
  5. Stealth attack options and hunting bow called The Paris
  6. Re-vamped Mod System

Additional content and features are planned to be released throughout the beta process. The Warframe Open Beta is now available on the Warframe website here, and will additionally be available on Steam beginning March 25th.

Want more info on Warframe? Of course, MMO ATK will always have all the latest news and updates, but if your looking for something straight from the development team, Digital Extremes will be hosting a live stream on Twitch.tv on March 27th at 2:00 PM EST. Tune in to find out more or start playing now!

Warframe | Open Beta Launch Trailer

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