Warframe – Update 6 Now Available

Digital Extremes have just announced the immediate release of the update 6 for their online co-op shooter, Warframe. Since starting its closed beta testing in October of last year players have accumulated over 3 million completed missions and Digital Extremes have been hard at work pumping out some really thorough updates.

Stepping away from your typical third-person MMO experience, Warframe doesn’t concentrate on PvP and it doesn’t reward fastest-finger-first gameplay; instead it offers players a unique cooperative experience supported by AAA graphics and a variety of complex game systems.

Players take on the role of Warframes, powerful exo-armor that can harness the very latest combative technology to give players the ability to unleash a variety of devastating abilities. Each Warframe offers players a different play style, ranging from typical tank-type MMORPG mechanics to in-depth stealth and espionage classes.

Update 6 introduces new environments in the form of the Grineer Asteroid Base, 2 new playable Warframes and surprise acrobatic features. Prior to the release of the update Digital Extremes didn’t even hint at the possibility of wall running and other acrobatic feats, making it a welcomed surprise for the players of Warframe. Players will now be able to run up walls, up and over crates and even zipline their way through the tougher parts of the level.

Warframe | Closed Beta Update 6 Highlights

For the full patch notes, including technical fixes and optimizations, you can check the offical forum post. Although the game is still in a closed beta period there are plenty of keys available for interested players, if you want to try Warframe you can find closed beta keys here

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