What Are You Like In Voice Chat – MMOpinion

You’ve just had your cup of tea and a nice scone after reading War and Peace and you sit down on your chaise longue.  You pick up your Xbox controller for a quaint match in Call of Duty.  You delicately place your headset over your ears and you start a rousing match on Call of Duty.

“F*%K YOU YOU PI3(E of S#!T” You scream as you get sniped by a camper as you spawn.

“Y*&R MOTHER IS A D$G” As you run over a mine.

“YOU *()&*@&# &@($*^&  @)#&^$@#)&” As you start the match 1-10.

I think we all act this way right?  I mean, we’re definitely civilized people with our priorities straight and have jobs and support families or go to school regularly.  But when we get online, we turn .. into madmen and women.

So what are you like during chat?  Do you curse and scream when you’re doing awfully.  Do you curse and scream how dominating you are when you’re dominating?  Extra credit if you post a video response of you gaming!

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