What Do You Think of Companies Using Technology to Block Used Games – MMOpinion

Sony has recently patented a technology that would have the ability to block used games from being used on multiple systems. The technology places a tag on used games so that it is tied to that specific console or user account, which can be used to try and control the second-hand market of video games. The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, said he would be against the idea of blocking used software. Despite this, obviously the move to patent this sort of technology is hard to ignore and actions speak louder than words.

 There had been rumors of the upcoming consoles, both for Microsoft and Sony, that would prevent the users of the systems from playing used games this year. This would completely wipe out local, independent video game stores, and corporations like GameStop in the US, and EB Games in Canada, for instance, since the majority of sales from these stores is generated through used games.

Not only that, but it’d also prevent friends from being able to share and borrow games from one another as well.

What do you think of the move that these companies might make towards with blocking all of the used games from being played on other systems?

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