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MMO gamers are just as diverse as the huge choice in the MMO game market today. We all like different things, enjoy different aspects and prefer different genres. But what do you consider to be your favorite aspect of MMO gaming?

If we look at MMORPG games we can see the vast differences in player type without having to look too deeply. A successful MMORPG game today needs more than just a good combat system or an in-depth questing feature, it needs the whole package.

Questing plays a huge role in the majority of MMO games but more often than not we find lackluster dialogue and mundane objectives. However, some games do push the boundaries and attempt to appeal to the gamers that prefer story and meaning in their online experience.

Combat is obviously another very important aspect. Regardless of what features an MMO game includes, you usually spend most of your time in some form of combat; so the system has to be attractive in order to maintain its excitement value.

Community is another area of MMO gaming that’s extremely important. Many players enjoy searching forums and creating discussions, while others are happy to wander the lands in the search of a player in need.

Crafting is another popular past time. Offering players a totally different style of play to that of typical combat-centered MMORPG titles. Some games even go as far as letting players progress through the experience without ever putting down their smithing hammer.

So what’s your favorite aspect of MMO gaming? Do you enjoy questing more than anything else? Maybe you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie and you need your PvP fix on a daily basis? Or perhaps you enjoy collecting materials and making items for friends and guildies? Let us know!

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