What Would You Think Of A First Person MMORPG – MMOpinion

Most MMORPGs are designed for play in the third person, or a tactical birds eye view. ?But how would you feel about an MMORPG that was played in the first person view? ?It can be argued that MMORPGs are the most immersive genre, and first person games generally tend to be most immersive style. ?So why not add them together to make a super?immersive?experience?

Now I know you can switch to a first person view in games like WoW, but to me it’s just a novelty, and was really only implemented so Blizzard could say that they support the first person view. ?I’m talking about a game that was developed and designed to use as first person.

What would you think of a MMORPG designed this way? Would you want to play this type of game??Perhaps there’s a reason this hasn’t been fully developed before.

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