When Did You Start Playing WoW – MMOpinion

Now i’m not trying to insinuate that everyone’s first MMO game was World of Warcraft.  But for many of the younger generations it was the first MMO they played.  We have asked before what your first MMO game was, so i’m not asking that again.  But I do want to find out when everyone started playing World of Warcraft.  Now it may be a stretch to say that everyone has played World of Warcraft, but i’m willing to bet, that at some point in your MMO career you have at least dabbled in WoW for a period of time.

So when was the first time you played World of Warcraft?  Did you play it when it came out in 2004?  Did you play starting with any of the expansions in 2007, 2008, 2010 or 2012?

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