Wings of Destiny

[stat=Player base]Medium[/stat]
[stat=Exp Rate]High[/stat]
[stat=File size]Browser[/stat]
[/review]Wings of Destiny is a browser based fantasy MMO game developed and published by IGG. The game features four playable classes; the Knight, which is the tank class, the Hunter, which is the physical DPS class, the Mage, which is the magical DPS class, or the Priest, which is the healer class. What’s great about each class is that they can have different specialties which further enhance the fantasy gameplay. Knights can develop into crusaders or berserkers, Hunters can specialize as rangers or stalkers, Mages, which are the best DPS class in the game, can become sages or warlocks and the Priest mainly heal, but can also specialize in dark magic and become damage dealers as well.

Wings of Destiny character advancement has 4 main aspects: stats and items, souls, faith and skills. Stats will improve a character’s abilities. Players do not need to be concerned with all stats though, as certain classes won’t need to specialize in certain stats. Stats can be increased by wearing armor, which can be enhanced with souls, which are found after level 20. The skill panel lists characters abilities. Abilities become more powerful with every gained level. You can boost your attributes by using the Faith feature.

The game includes many activities including dungeons, events and boss fights. Many of these events may have level requirements, but leveling goes relatively fast in the early levels. The achievement system also helps players get rewards during the game. Wings of Destiny also has an auction house for player trading, pets to help in battle and a great PvP experience.

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