World of Battleships Undergoing Name Change has just announced to the world that their free-to-play naval action MMO World of Battleships will now be known as World of Warships to, and I quote, “more accurately reflect the framework of our Wargaming universe.”

Here’s another quote from the developer, “While the game has changed its title, the gameplay hasn’t. World of Warships will still focus on straightforward naval action gameplay, including accessible controls, historically accurate vessels and combat, as well as a deep and engaging upgrade and customization system.”

World of Warships will also be included in the common economic system that will allow players to distribute resources between the three titles.

Haven’t heard of World of Warships before?  Shame on you.  Here’s some invaluable information to peruse.

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action MMO that plunges players into the era of the XX century devastating sea wars. Dive into the massive naval battles and tame the overwhelming power of multiton titans to conquer the high seas.

The game provides numerous strategic opportunities for success in combat. Sudden strikes from cover, cunning flanking attacks or open head-to-head encounters?every player will have dozens of tactics to choose from.

To apply the great variety of tactics, players will have several types of combat vessels at their command, including aircraft carriers that provide long-range air support keeping distant from actual combat, powerful battleships and heavy cruisers able to scarify the enemy with their looks alone, and light and agile destroyers using deadly group attacks.
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