Would You Buy A Console For A Specific Game – MMOpinion

Let’s say for a moment that you don’t own every console known to man.  You’re happy with just playing PC games or Xbox games or PS3 games and don’t want to deal with the costs of owning more than one system.  Then, you hear about this really awesome game.  You read some previews, and some press releases and watch interviews and start to think, damn, I really want this game.  But then it hits you, it’s on a console that you don’t already own.

So now you have to think about how much that game is going to cost you.  You must buy the game, buy the console, buy the cables and the controllers and the peripherals and now you’re out a whole paycheck.  

So i’m curious if you have, or ever will, buy a console to specifically play one game?  What game was it?  Are you happy with your choice?

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