Would You Play a Console MMO?

We heard earlier this week that NCsoft is planning to bring Guild Wars 2 to consoles?but is there a market for console-based MMOs? In the past, PCs have been the dominating platform for MMORPGs, likely due to the ease of connection, the varied hardware setups and the easy access of keyboard and mouse controls.

However, the future of consoles is rife with connectivity, with online gaming quickly becoming the most important aspect of any AAA title. And with MMOs making up such a large portion of the market, it?s inevitable that console makers will want to get into the fray. The only question is whether gamers are ready to make the switch.

Console-based MMOs haven?t exactly wowed crowds in the past. While games like Final Fantasy XI and Phantasy Star Online snagged a tight niche of passionate gamers, widespread success has yet to be obtained. It all comes down to what gamers are ready for at the time of release, and how well the software is tailored to the hardware.

What do you think? Would you prefer to play your MMOs on a console, or would you rather stick to the PC? Let us know in the comments.

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