Xeno Quest

Xeno Quest is a Fantasy MMORPG from NGames designed from the ground in the Unity 3D Engine for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The mobile MMO features real-time, turn-based strategic combat, all rendered in beautiful 3D. In Xeno Quest, players become the hero of a world which thrives on a perfect balance of magic and technology.

Xeno Quest features three unique hero classes — Knight, Mage, Hunter — each with their own styles of fighting. Aside from leveling your character, upgrading your equipment will play a vital role in your success, primarily through improving your weapon’s unique abilities through synthesis options.

The mobile experience will take full advantage of NGames’ ‘semi-open multiplayer link gameplay’ system, ensuring smooth gameplay progression in Xeno Quest’s expansive world seamlessly blended with real-time MMO action. Because of this innovation, players will have access to a variety of PvE and PvP battle modes — a full MMO experience — in the palm of their hands.

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