Yitien – Asian MMORPG Begins Beta

Reality Squared Games recently announced yesterday that their next-generation Chinese-themed browser game will be launching into its beta phase beginning today.  In the game players will embark on a quest to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty and to restore the Han Chinese rule.  In order to do so you will have to master the ancient kung fu scrolls which are contained in two legendary weapons, the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre.

Yitien will combine many of the elements that you’ve come to expect from your favorite browser and client based games, but also adds in several new gaming mechanics that will provide you with a unique experience.  Some of the highlights of Yitien include: weekly PK events which are divided into three divisions with players battling it out until only one player is left standing, a Yeti battling event where players are all turned into Yetis while roaming around with real Yetis, players must then kill all the Yetis and gain different amount of points for either killing real Yetis or player Yetis, and Checkpoint, which is a min-board game that is played within Yitien itself.

Players interested in playing Yitien during the beta must visit the Yitien Website.

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