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Let’s play a little game. Pretend with me for one second you’re stuck on a remote desert island. You’ve been on this lush, jungle-y rock now for years, and in this time you’ve gone through all the motions of a typical strandee: you’ve built the signal fire, you tried spelling “HELP” in the sand and you even tried to raft your way out of there with Wilson at the helm. But for all your efforts, you’re no closer to escape than the first day you stumbled upon your eventual grave.

Fortunately, despite all your bickering and complaining, things could be far worse — I mean, really. By ignoring the silver lining, you’re just being a huge Debby Downer. You’ve built yourself a kick-ass ocean-side house, you’re rockin’ a killer tan, and (as is customary on all mysterious islands) Dharma drops of food and supplies show up at your door step regularly. Dharma Pina Colada, anyone?

After stepping back to take it all in, you decide you’re actually pretty content with the idea of spending the rest of your life here, except… things are so lonely. A life time with no friends or anyone to get close to? You crave that excitement of interacting with others: even the strangers and noobz. That’s right, you miss your favorite MMO.

Defying all odds, it comes as a huge sigh of relief to find that your next Dharma drop includes a request form for a single MMO with which you can play online for the rest of your life (finally a use for the courtesy island outlet and ethernet port). It’s a big decision though… what game do you choose (past or future releases)? Assume that the game will maintain its current level of popularity and will receive regular updates. What sets it apart from the others to make it the MMO game you could literally play for the rest of your life (gameplay, community, lore, etc.)? Any runners-up?

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