Your Favorite Free To Play Game

So we had a contest a few week’s back on our Weekly Loot where we asked what your favorite Free to Play Game was.  I decided it would be cool to display everyone’s answers and give a brief run-down of what people’s favorite F2P games were.  Why would I do such a thing?  Oh I dunno, because I thought you’d like it, THAT’S WHY!

During the contest we had a total of 91 answers for your favorite free to play game.

This is a list of all the games that were mentioned and how many times people mentioned that game.  You can see here that an overwhelming majority of the votes (42%) chose Team Fortress 2.  Which brings us to the conclusion that Team Fortress 2 is not only the best free to play game our right now, but of all time!  Case closed!  No, not really, but it does show how well liked the game is.

A few other interesting points were that MOBA games came in ranked numbers 2 and 3.  League of Legends does have a huge fan base so there’s no surprise there, and Dota 2 (my favorite F2P game btw) still garnered a few votes even though it’s still in beta.  I imagine when the game comes out you are likely to see this number rise.  One thing I found interesting was that no-one mentioned SMITE, which is actually a pretty fun game, maybe not enough to be someone’s favorite game, possibly again because it’s still in beta and still being worked on.

There were a few FPS games in this list, from the likes of Bullet Run to Tribes: Ascend and Blacklight Retribution.  Also interesting that there was a vote for Hawken even though the game is not out for another 4 months!

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