Zombie MMO Survive The Nights Kickstarter Funded

30 days ago a small independent studio made their debut on Kickstarter with yet another zombie themed survival MMO, Survive The Nights, but the Kickstarter campaign was nothing short of spectacular. With the likes of Rust, 7 Days to Die and DayZ, many gamers have begun to realize their dreams of the perfect zombie survival MMO are exactly that, dreams. However, if a2z Interactive have their way, the zombie MMO genre may finally meet the rising expectations of the gaming community.

Survive The Nights began its Kickstarter campaign asking for a modest £12,000 support for its 5 man development team. A few Facebook shares and news stories later and Survive The Nights has attracted over 6,000 Backers and managed to raise over £108,000 towards development costs.

The developers were flooded with requests for additional Stretch Goals throughout the campaign but decided to stop at the £72,000 mark. Previous Stretch Goals included a potential PlayStation 4 build, extensions on many of the games features including character customization and crafting, and hiring new talent to join the team.

Survive The Nights has already been Greenlit on Steam, has now raised over £108,000 on Kickstarter and has now started accepting donations on the brand new website – it seems there’s no stopping this one.

Source: Kickstarter

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