Zombies, Monsters & Robots Beta Incoming

En Masse Entertainment have announced that open beta testing for the highly anticipated free online MMOTPS game, Zombies Monsters and Robots, will begin on July 1st. The event officially begins tomorrow at 9 AM PDT, En Masse Entertainment revealed earlier today.

The open beta will see the introduction of a number of new maps, 10 new weapons will be added to the already impressive arsenal, brand new costumes and an exciting new game mode, Mercs vs. Monsters.

Mercs vs. Monsters, a brand new PvP/competitive mode
that puts YOU in the shoes of the enemy Dominion soldiers and gruesome
monsters you’ve been murderin’ up to this point. Each of the MORE THAN
20 mercs and monsters has a unique ability that adds a ton of variety to
the mode and potential for epic gameplay opportunities!

Five new maps, including three maps that support both PvP and PvE and two PvP-only

Ten new weapons, including two for Gold currency,
plus two new special weapons (that you may have already picked up from
my buddy JNT-B during a Kill Every Thing 2 match)

Three new costumes, including the swag Silver Star set (catch us on Twitch this afternoon showing it off!)

You can check out the official website for updates regarding the new patch set to launch alongside open beta.

Source: MMOFront

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