DC Universe Online Ultimate Sale

Sony Online Entertainment today revealed details on a new price for the DC Universe Online Ultimate Edition. Valued at $50 but currently priced at $19.99, the Ultimate Edition includes everything a budding hero would need to get a great start in DC Universe Online.

The Ultimate Edition comes complete with all 4 previously released expansion packs including Fight for the Light, The Battle for Earth, Lightning Strikes and The Last Laugh; giving players complete access to all content currently available in the popular superhero MMORPG game.

Making the deal just that little bit sweeter are free in-game items and powers such as Earth, Light and Electricity. Finally players will also be given 2 Legends PvP characters in the form of Future Batman and Future Harley Quinn.

The deal is available on both the PlayStation 3 and PC version of the game. For more information click here.

DC Universe Online Ultimate Sale

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