Fallen Sword Booster Pack Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and Hunted Cow have teamed up to offer our fans an exclusive booster pack that can be used in their brand new browser-based massively multiplayer role-playing game Fallen Sword.  In Fallen Sword you will engage in epic battles, band together in a guild and take on powerful monsters from across the world.  The game features over a thousand levels worth of content, realms and creatures, along with state of the art HTML5 gameplay, a vast array of skills and abilities, weekly updates and more!

*codes do not last a lifetime, so yeah .. they probably expired by now*

1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Visit the Fallen Sword Homepage and either register or sign up for your Hunted Cow account
3. Once in the game, click on ‘Upgrades’ menu, followed by ‘Redeem’
4. Enter your promo code and press ‘Redeem’


Fallen Sword Booster Pack Giveaway

1 Comment

  • Giedrius Fallensword

    Hello i have a few booster codes left that i will give for new players
    that will register using my ref link + if you add me on skype i can help
    you reach level 110+ in 1 day and get you in a strong guild = My ref
    link http://www.fallensword.com/?ref=4551643

    Skype is Kyrios093 Feel Free to add me i don’T Bite 😉

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