Minecraft Realms

Minecraft has never been more fun to play with friends after the release of Minecraft Realms, a paid multiplayer server hosting service. With this service, players will be allowed to own private worlds that can host up to 11 of your friends at once! Your world will always be online, meaning you and your friends … Read more

Star Wars Online Temporal Agent Starter Packs Giveaway

[keys id=136468]

To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online’s new expansion, Agents of Yesterday, we’re teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give away Temporal Agent Starter Packs. Each pack includes several items to help you create a brand-new Temporal Agent, including two temporal ships, torn uniforms from Star Trek: The Original Series, an 0718 Bridge Officer and the official title of “Temporal Agent.”

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
1) Install and launch the Arc client.
2) Select the Arc logo at the top left of the client.
3) Select “Redeem a Code” and enter the item code.
4) Enter the game and visit the C-Store.
5) Select the “Discount Pack” tab.
6) Select “Temporal Agent Starter Pack” and click “Claim” on the bottom right hand corner of the C-Store window.

*Please note that this item can only be redeemed by one character on a single account.
Offer expires December, 31, 2017.

[heading]What’s Included in the Giveaway[/heading]
Tier 1 USS Enterprise
A legendary 23rd century Starfleet vessel, the Constitution-class Cruiser regularly went where no one had gone before. A durable, versatile ship, it handled a variety of missions, including exploration, first contact, research, and system defense.
Tier 6 Temporal Battlecruiser Paladin Class
Drawing inspiration from the 23rd century Ranger-class, the Paladin-class Battlecruiser is very tactically focused. It features a potent weapons platform, and a number of sophisticated maneuver systems make the Paladin a remarkably agile vessel for its class.
TOS Torn Uniforms
The classic The Original Series Uniforms worn and torn from battle. This costume unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.
0718 Bridge Officer
Hailing from the Federation of the “Kelvin Timeline,” 0718 serves as an officer in Science Branch aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. A cyborg with a specialty in computer systems, 0718 was a member of the Enterprise crew as she began her five-year mission
Title: Temporal Agent
This title is exclusive to purchasers of the Temporal Agent Pack or Temporal Agent Starter Pack. It unlocks for all TOS and Federation characters on an account.

Das Tal Summer Alpha Key Giveaway

Das Tal Summer Giveaway mmoatk-1280-720

[keys id=136383]

We have teamed up with Fairytale Distillery to give our fans a chance to play in the Summer Alpha Test for Das Tal, the Sandbox Survival Arena game!

Das Tal is the world’s first Sandbox Survival Arena – bringing together MOBA tactics and Sandbox MMO strategy. It makes MMOs fun again for PvP fans. No more grind. No more pay-to-win. No more tab-targeting. The game is designed to be compatible with the busy life of an adult gamer. Das Tal rests on the three defining pillars; Meaningful Conflict, Skill-Based Combat, and Constantly Changing Worlds.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
1.) Go to http://www.das-tal-game.com/download and download the game patcher for your operating system.
2.) Un-zip the patcher to a folder of your choice.
3.) Run the launcher(.exe) to patch the game client.
4.) When done patching click “play”.
5.) Select your screen resolution and details.
6.) Press “Play!” again.
7.) In the login screen click “New Account”.
8.) Pick a user name and pass word.
9.) Now enter your alpha key (copy & paste works) in the “Registration Key” field.
10.) Back in the login screen click “login”. Your account name and password should be filled in.
11.) Enter your email address (twice).
12.) Click “Send verification mail”.
13.) Go to your email inbox and click the confirmation mail in the email from “Fairytale Distillery team”.
14.) Now go back into the game and you’re in the character creation screen.

Riders of Icarus Closed Beta Key Giveaway


[keys id=136260]

MMO Attack and Nexon have teamed up to offers our fans a chance to play in the Riders of Icarus Closed beta that takes place now until June 7th! In Riders of Icarus, capture and train fearsome winged beasts for combat in an exhilarating free-to-play MMORPG action adventure where you take the battle to the sky!

[heading]How to Redeem Your Key[/heading]
Download and Install the Nexon Launcher
Create Nexon America Account
In the upper right hand corner click the down arrow next to your profile name
Click “ACTIVATE PRODUCT” to enter your key and click “NEXT”
Select Riders of Icarus from the games list.
Click “PLAY NOW”

[heading]Riders of Icarus Gameplay[/heading]

Riders of Icarus Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Wild Terra Early Access Beta Key Giveaway

[keys id=136207]

MMO Attack has teamed up with Juvty Worlds to offer our fans a chance to play in the early access of the medieval massively multiplayer life simulator, Wild Terra! Wild Terra also recently launched on Steam’s Greenlight and would be great if you guys could check them out and give them a vote!



[heading]How to Activate your Key[/heading]
Instructions on how to activate the key:
1. go to the website http://www.playwildterra.com/
2. Download and install the game client http://www.playwildterra.com/files/
3. Launch the game, sign up and enter the key.


*keys are activated in the game client, but after the release on Steam – everyone also receive a Steam-key

[heading]Wild Terra Gameplay Trailer[/heading]

Wild Terra Online - Greenlight Trailer

Linkrealms Beta Key Giveaway

[keys id=136190]

MMO Attack has teamed up with Mythyn Interactive to grant some of our fans the opportunity to play in the beta of the brand new MMORPG Linkrealms! Linkrealms is a Sandbox MMORPG that harks back to the roots of classic online role-playing games, where community was the center of the user experience, one’s choices mattered, and reputation was earned on the battlefield rather than leaderboards.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
First you have to create a Linkrealms account via their website

Then use the key verification box in their account management page

*The keys are not time-limited, they grant permanent access to the beta which has started on the 19th of May until the release of the game*

[heading]Linkrealms Gameplay Trailer[/heading]

Linkrealms - Official Trailer

HeroWarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway


[keys id=136105]

MMO Attack has teamed up with KOG Games to give our fans a chance to play in the Closed Beta Test for HeroWarz! HeroWarz is an action RPG where you select and cultivate unique heroes to build your own personal assault force. The CBT starts 5/18 and runs through 5/22. Directions are below. The CBT runs from May 18th until May 22nd and is region specific to NA, Australia and New Zealand, but will expand to more regions at launch.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Key[/heading]
*Visit the HeroWarz CBT Giveaway Home Page
*If new to KOG Games, create and account. If you’re an existing Elsword player, use your account to login
*Once registered, respond to the email to verify your account
*Once verified, enter in your CBT Key Code and you’re good to go!



*This CBT Key now will be the first step in allowing you to receive an exclusive CBT costume when you return during the LBT/Launch phase To fully activate your costume, play any character to level 15 during the CBT, then return for the LBT/Launch phase.

*Please make sure to register with a legitimate email address as email verification is required.

*You must meet the HeroWarz CBT geographic location requirements in order to redeem your CBT key.

[heading]HeroWarz PvP Trailer[/heading]

HeroWarz Official - PVP Trailer

Neverwinter PC Rare Howler Mount Giveaway!

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming and we’ve got another Neverwinter PC Mount give away to all you fine folks to thank you for watching, liking, subscribing, commenting, and having a great time here on the channel. Also to celebrate, and this is the real reason, to celebrate the latest update to Neverwinter on PC, The Maze Engine. I know, The Maze Engine came out a month ago. That’s my bad, i’ve had these codes sitting in my inbox since then! Sorry. Anyways, we really do appreciate you, so let’s give you some mounts!

Se’ve got 40 codes, yes 40 codes .. count ‘em 40. 40 Codes for this rare howler mount. I’m uh .. i’m at a loss for words on how to describe this guy. He’s sort of a cross between a demon and a dragon and a dinosaur .. and a dog? Dingo. Donkey, i don’t know. It’s weird looking. BUT, he gives you an increase in movement speed by 80% and includes 3 insignia slots: Crescent, Barbed and Enlightened. So yeah, all that. Doesn’t matter what he looks like .. he UGLY.

How do you win? Same as before. Like this video which is super easy. Subscribe to this channel and comment below letting us know why you deserve to win. And that’s it! I’ll select a winner next week and you will be on your way to a brand new mount to show off in Neverwinter as you check out the new Maze Engine expansion.

Thanks for watching, remember: Like, subscribe and comment. See you guys next video!

Riders of Icarus Closed Beta 2 Key Giveaway


[keys id=135930]

MMO Attack and Nexon America, along with WeMade Entertainment, have teamed up to offer fans a chance to play in the upcoming closed beta 2 test for Nexon’s latest Mount-Flying MMORPG, Riders of Icarus!

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
Download and Install Nexon Launcher
Create Nexon America Account
In the upper right hand corner click the down arrow next to your profile name
Click “ACTIVATE PRODUCT” to enter your key and click “NEXT”
Select Riders of Icarus from the games list
Click “PLAY NOW” to start pre-downloading the game

[heading]About Riders of Icarus[/heading]
Take the battle to the sky with fantastical flying mount combat unlike anything you’ve seen before in Riders of Icarus, the new unprecedented action-adventure MMORPG experience that lets you ride and fight on the back of the realm’s most dangerous winged beasts… dragons. As a Rider with legendary combat abilities, you will explore a majestic world to tame, collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts as your very own mounts each with unique special abilities. Master the skills of aerial combat with other battle-ready heroes as you fight your way through an epic experience filled with massive boss battles by both land and air.

Loot Crate February 2016 Dead Giveaway and Unboxing

Kirk is going to unbox and give away whatever the hell is in this months’ Loot Crate! Tell us why you want this crate and we’ll pick a winner (US resident) to win this exact crate that Kirk’s dirty hands were on. Good Luck!

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Luna Online: Reborn Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Closed Beta Key Distribution - Luna Online: Reborn

[keys id=135687]

MMO Attack and Wicked Interactive have teamed up to offer a giveaway of closed beta keys for the upcoming Luna Online: Reborn. Luna Online: Reborn is an anime themed MMORPG set in the cute fantasy world of Blueland. The game is a remake of the popular Luna Online, now published by Suba Games. It provides adjustments to original content that remove any negative experience gamers reported about Luna Plus.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Beta Key[/heading]
1. Visit Luna Online: Reborn’s Beta Website and enter your key code from above
2. Download and Install the game client
*Closed Beta begins on March 30th, 2016 at 5pm EDT

[heading]Luna Online: Reborn Game Trailer[/heading]

Official Luna Online: Reborn Trailer

Loot Crate March 2016 Versus Giveaway and Unboxing

Yes, I fail at Loot Crate Unboxings! But I’ll try harder now. I will unbox this crate and give it to you! If you live in the United States, comment below telling us where Kirk was last week and you have a chance to win his gently used/unboxed Loot Crate!

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Warframe 3-Day Affinity Booster Giveaway

[keys id=135572]

MMO Attack and Digital Extremes have teamed up to offers fans of the PC version of Warframe a chance to get a 3-day Affinity Booster Pack to help you along in your journey while you fight your way through the game. The keys will grant the user a 3-Day Affinity Booster which will allow players to level up their weapons and Warframes faster!

[heading]How to Redeem Your Key[/heading]
1. Sign in to www.warframe.com/promocode. If you don’t have a Warframe
account yet, sign up at www.warframe.com
2. Enter your Code in the ‘Promo Code’ field and click ‘Submit’. The
item(s) will be activated on your account immediately.
3. Download/Start up Warframe.

[heading]Warframe Gameplay[/heading]

Warframe Gameplay | First Impressions HD

CABAL Online Blessing Bead Plus Giveaway


[keys id=135450]

MMO Attack has teamed up with CABAL Online to offer fans of the game a code to help you kick-start your leveling experience in the game to celebrate the launch on Steam! The giveaway is for a 7-day use of the BLessing Bead Plus. The Blessing Bead Plus is one of the most sought after premium items in the game, as you’ll gain access to Premium Channels and GPS teleportation for fast travel around the world. Additionally, you’ll gain a +25% bonus boost in EXP, Skill EXP, Drop Rate, WEXP, Pet EXP, and AXP! On top of that, Alz (CABAL’s in-game currency) gains are increased by +200%!

[heading]How to Redeem Your Key[/heading]
1. Launch Cabal Online on Steam or visit Cabal’s website to create an account or login
2. Visit the Item Shop in-game
3. Click on the “Plus” tab, then click on the “Coupon” option on the side-bar
4. Enter your coupon code here, and redeem from your Coupon Box to instantly receive your Blessing Bead Plus (7-Day) in your in-game cash inventory!

Nosgoth Veteren Pack Giveaway

[keys id=135229]

MMO Attack and Psyonix have teamed up to offer fans of the free-to-play multiplayer action vampire game a veteren pack to unlock some cool in-game items to help you along on your journey in Nosgoth.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code (via Steam)[/heading]

1. Launch Steam.
2. Click ‘Games’ from the menu bar.
3. Select ‘Activate a product on Steam…’ from the dropdown list.
4. Click ‘Next’
5. Click ‘I Agree’
6. Enter the code below in the box as directed.
7. Click ‘Next’.

[heading]What’s Included in the Giveaway[/heading]
The Nosgoth Veteren Pack unlocks some characters and provides some additional bonuses to players.