First PlayStation 4 Update For Warframe Now Available

Digital Extremes today announced the immediate release of the Valkyr Unleashed update for the PlayStatio 4 version of the award-winning free-to-play MMOFPS, Warframe. It was one of the largest updates to release on the PC version and brings with it a massive variety of new content to PlayStation 4 players.

PlayStation 4 fans can now enter combat as two newly introduced Warframes in the shape of VALKYR and Ember Prime, both bringing a new take on the games famous combat system and unique character abilities.

The update continues to impress with the addition of two new boss battles, a brand new tileset and a host of other changes including the new damage system that has been met with such positive reactions from the PC community.

Today also marks the beginning of the first in-game event for the PlayStation 4 version, The Hunt for Alad V. For the full lowdown on the event, click here.

First PlayStation 4 Update For Warframe Now Available

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