Instant Level 50 Introduced To Lord Of The Rings Online

A recent update to the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings Online has given players the opportunity to become level 50 in a heartbeat following the purchase of the Gift of the Valar. From now until December 19th players will be able to purchase the item for 4995 TP. The Gift of the Valar item pack gives the user an item to instantly reach level 50 while providing an exciting variety of goodies to aid their exploration into new content.

  • Gift of the Valar Item
  • A set of level 50 gear
  • 1 Gold piece
  • An LIXP rune, worth enough XP to bring one LI to level 10
  • 4 ranks of each virtue
  • The Riding skill
  • A Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
  • A 25-stack of food that scales with your level
  • A 25-stack of Morale and Power potions that scale with your level
  • 5 +100% XP Boosts
  • A single-use map to Rivendell
  • 25 Mithril Coins

This may sound like a great opportunity but it’s not cheap. The 4995 TP will cost almost $80 to purchase without any additional benefits or bonuses through regular subscription, quite a hefty price tag to reach a level most people can hit in a few days.

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