Have Your Auraxis Experience Immortalized In Graphic Novel

Sony Online Entertainment are celebrating the one year anniversary for the award-winning MMOFPS game, PlanetSide 2, with an epic new event that gives players the opportunity to have their experiences immortalized in a graphic novel.

Since its release in November of 2012 PlanetSide 2 has captured the hearts of over 6 million players around the globe, and that was before the recent release of the PlayStation 4 version. As a thanks to the community the developers are given players a once in a lifetime opportunity with the latest competition.

Players can now participate in the new “Share your WarStories” campaign that will transform the best in-game stories into a high-quality graphic novel by Colin M. Winkler. A new set of items has also been introduced to the item mall with the One Year Anniversary Bundle Pack, a collection of powerful boosts and items to give you the edge in the never-ending battle for Auraxis.

For more information, including additional prizes and small print, check out the official Share your WarStories events page.

Have Your Auraxis Experience Immortalized In Graphic Novel

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