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Reviewed by | Last update: November 25, 2014

Games of Glory is a fast-action sci-fi MOBA blend created by the independent Franco-Swedish studio, Lightbulb Crew. In Games of Glory players star at the center of intense arena battles that decide the future of the galactic empire, the Synarchy. Games of Glory presents a major difference in the way battle arenas have traditionally been played, by combining Hack & Slash controls, free aiming à la shooters, and an arsenal of more than 40 weapons to choose from. E-Sport is a part of the setting, and players have the ability to choose to enact different roles within the e-sport universe, such as star player, tournament planner, club head, trainer, recruiter, and more.

Games of Glory Review

Reviewed by | Last update: November 25, 2014

Games of Glory is a MOBA-crossover, inspired by different video game genres. It borrows its fundamentals from MOBAs and integrates the faster action controls and the flexibility in weapons choice of shooters. The persistent universe and social aspects are inspired by MMOs, and the opportunities for clone customization are drawn from Hack & Slash games.A PERSISTENT UNIVERSEGames of Glory takes place in a science-fiction universe, full of different species, planets and factions. The player takes the role of a Controller of Clones, battling for the influence of his political faction or club. Based on the wins or losses in the arena, the universe will evolve and the balance of power will change.ACTION ORIENTED COMBAT MECHANICSThe game is changing the established rhythm of MOBAs as well as some of the basic notions of game play. Innovations like the elimination of auto-attacks with weapons, new types of mechanics like “white damage”, faster movement, and more put the player in the midst of a frenetic battle environment.GAMEPLAY DESIGNED FOR TEAM-PLAYGames of Glory is above all a game to be played in teams, built on collaboration between players. Each team has Clones that complement each other with their skills. Clones have similar functions to those in classes traditional in existing MOBAs: Tank, Carry, Scout, Assassin, Support. Each team elects a captain who suggests tactics in real time, and organises the team around the different objectives in the game.VARIED SELECTION OF WEAPONSDuring each match, each player has the choice of which weapons to choose and how they will evolve. Weapons for close combat as well as lasers and rocket launchers give the opportunity to vary the way each Clone is played from match to match. In the middle of a fight the player has the ability to change weapons and surprise his opponents.PERSONALISATION OF CLONESEach Clone has numerous exchangeable pieces of equipment which change its appearance, so the player can create a unique style. Through different types of uniforms, team specific skins, and many other alternatives the player can create his own original Clone.THE SPORTS ECOSYSTEMGames of Glory integrates a full ecosystem for E-sport, directly linked to the persistent universe. The player can, in addition to participate in tournaments, incarnate different roles such as: star player, tournament organiser, club president etc.. Through their careers, players who play well and behave in a positive manner gain fame and privileges as well as a real influence on the future of the game.Games of Glory wants to develop the positive social aspects of team play to create a truly rewarding game experience.

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