Master X Master (MXM)


On the heels of NCSOFT West’s recent launch of Blade & Soul, we are excited to announce that its brand new title, Master X Master (MXM), is set to hit North American and European shores in the second half of 2016.

MXM is an Action MOBA with a unique Tag System, enabling players to quickly swap between two chosen Masters (characters) mid-combat. With a diverse selection of 30 powerful Masters to choose from —including brand new characters as well as a selection of known characters from NCSOFT titles like Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2— there are hundreds of different Master combinations available, offering a new level of strategy and tactics not seen in other MOBAs. Featuring a variety of PvE and PvP modes with co-op options in both, players can challenge opponents with a deadly fusion of Masters in beautifully crafted battlegrounds.

Fight in a variety of PvP modes or bring up to four friends with you into the co-op story. With a diverse selection of over 30 Masters, together with the innovative Tag System, there are hundreds of different Master combinations available, offering a new level of strategy, combos, and tactics.

Call of Champions

Call of Champions MOBA

Call of Champions is a next-generation multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) refined for mobile devices and designed for competition. In the game, players will be able to control one of over twenty different Champions across five distinct classes, each equipped with their own unique playstyle and special abilities. Each match is packed into a thrilling 5-minute time limit, enabling players to enjoy quick competitive games with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Call of Champions features a robust social toolset, allowing players to recruit team members, plan matches, and earn achievements, plus spectate or broadcast matches live.

Victory Command

victory command

Victory Command is a free-to-play RTS that pits you and four other commanders against five enemies in tactical combat.

Choose a company of units comprised of either infantry, jeeps, or tanks and customize them for battle with literally millions of strategic combinations. No battle will be the same.

Teamwork is key in this 5v5 arena. Coordinate with your other commanders to out-gun, out-maneuver, and out-play your rivals.

Developed by Petroglyh Games, world renowned creators of RTS games including Grey Goo, Star Wars: Empire at War, and as members of Westwood Studios the Command & Conquer series, and the Dune RTS series.

Supernova MOBA

Supernova MOBA Game

Supernova is a brand new MOBA game with RTS elements from Primal Game Studio and Bandai Namco Games America. Supernova is scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2015 on PC. In Supernova, the human race has ventured into the cosmos to find a universe that is in peril. A serious of mysterious portals have brought us face to face with an array of alien races in the midst of war. The human race must lead their forces into a fight of galactic dominance to figure out the secrets behind these portals.

The game will bring new innovation to the MOBA genre through both it’s fresh new take on a sci-fi universe, but also with upgradeable minions, crafting from drops and a great line-up of commanders that players will use in battle.

True Command of Your Army – Strategically deploy and outfit lane units that advance on enemy territory. How you manage technologies, upgrades, and build order can mean the difference between stunning victory and crushing defeat. You have control of it all!

A Distinctively Sci-Fi Setting – Supernova’s futuristic science fiction setting, with technology and space-faring races, offers huge gameplay possibilities. You’ll be transported to a universe where contests between commanders are won with unique technologies and strange alien powers.

A Vast Galaxy of Customization – Commanders can prepare a wide variety of craftable accessories before a match, then customize attributes and talents with each in-game level. Accessories are crafted by combining dropped items to boost commanders’ inherent talents.

Commanders from Across the Universe – A dizzying array of powerful commanders is at your disposal, ready to lead your armies into battle. Choose between mech pilots from the human core worlds or gun-for-hire mercenaries from the lawless outer planets. Or look beyond mankind and select an alien commander – the choice is yours.

Technology is Key – Commanders daring enough to challenge and defeat the ancients will be rewarded with Mechanoughts, planet-razing ancient technology that relentlessly drive through the heart of your enemy’s defenses. The question is; who will awaken them first?

Games of Glory

Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a fast-action sci-fi MOBA blend created by the independent Franco-Swedish studio, Lightbulb Crew. In Games of Glory players star at the center of intense arena battles that decide the future of the galactic empire, the Synarchy. Games of Glory presents a major difference in the way battle arenas have traditionally been played, by combining Hack & Slash controls, free aiming à la shooters, and an arsenal of more than 40 weapons to choose from. E-Sport is a part of the setting, and players have the ability to choose to enact different roles within the e-sport universe, such as star player, tournament planner, club head, trainer, recruiter, and more.

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe is a third person multiplayer online battle arena game developed by British game develop Jagex Games Studio in partnership with American toy company Hasbro.

As of December 18th, 2014, Jagex plans on closing down Transformers Universe.

Heroes of Rune

Heroes of Rune

Heroes of Rune (HoR) is an epic new casual game that combines elements of Multiplayer RPG and MOBA style gameplay. Team up with friends for Quests, Raid challenges, engage in fast-paced PvE, PvP combat in a casual Multiplayer RPG environment. Once you are ready for more action, go head to head with other teams in the Rune Wars, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Mode!

Rune Wars Arena includes a unique strategic Capture & Defend gameplay with traditional MOBA objective of destroying the opposing team’s primary structure. Unlike other MOBAs, Heroes of Rune will not include lanes or auto-spawning minions. Players have the freedom to roam the environment, hunt various monsters for experience points, collect gold, purchase upgrades, and spawn minions that will follow you directly into combat!

King of Wushu

King of Wushu

King of Wushu is a newly announced third person MOBA game from Snail Games. Snail Games is one of China’s biggest developers and King of Wushu will mark their first foray into the MOBA genre. The game be built using the CryEngine 3, will feature 5v5 matches with a traditional formula of defending your base while destroying the enemy teams base. King of Wushu will utilize the third person view and be heavy on combat, much like Snail’s Age of Wushu.

Snail Games has said that King of Wushu will be coming for PC as well as Xbox One, but no timetable has been set at the time of this writing.

You can check out the teaser trailer featuring the game’s six classes and gameplay footage for more information.

Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online is a brand new free to play MOBA game from Aeria Games. The game is set to debut during the fall of 2014, and will bring with it a host of new features and an extensive list of unique heroes. Like its cousins before it, Chaos Heroes Online is based on the popular MOBA experience that was brought to us with the original Warcraft III mod, DotA.

The game will feature fast paced, fluid battles with quick start matches to keep players in the game. New heroes and map mechanics will bring a unique flavor to the genre, with surprises coming from the opposing teams which make sure that your team works together and adapts to the changes at hand.

Chaos Heroes Online will be free to download and play when it opens its doors later this year. You can sign up for the beta using the Play Now button above!



Strife is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from S2 Games. Strife is described as a second-generation MOBA game and is S2 Games’ second entry into the genre, following the well-received Heroes of Newerth.

There are currently 20 playable heroes in Strife, each with four abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded via gaining experience throughout a match. Each hero has their own advantages towards varying styles of play, whether it be ranged support, tank or jungler. A well-balanced team and solid team synergy are vital components in a successful match.

Gameplay consists of two teams of heroes on opposite ends of a map attempting to destroy the other team’s base. Players must fight through waves of creeps, multiple generators and enemy heroes to reach the opposing base.

For Strife, S2 Games is modifying many typical features associated with the MOBA genre to reduce both the negativity of the community and the relatively steep learning curve. Complex menus and item systems have been simplified and gold sharing assures players of all skill levels have a fighting chance. While not necessarily specific to Strife, but relatively new for the genre, gold sharing causes gold earned for creep and hero kills to be evenly distributed between everyone involved in the area. This avoids the hostile, inner-team competitions that evolve from counter-productive practices like ‘last hitting’.

For the first time ever in a MOBA, Strife players will be be able to bring pets into the arena! Each pet comes with multiple skins and fights alongside you in battle. At the end of each match, players receive seals which can then be spent toward unlocking new pets. Strife is also introducing the idea of item crafting. Crafting will allow players to modify the effects items have on character stats while still avoiding unfair advantages that can come with such a feature.

Strife is currently in closed beta with a release date yet to be announced. For more information on the free-to-play MOBA, check out our PAX Prime 2013 developer interview, What Is Strife?

Adventure Time Battle Party

Adventure Time Battle Party

Adventure Time Battle Party is a browser based MOBA game from Cartoon Network. The game is built using the Unity Web Player, so it does not require any additional downloading or micro-client to play, which is great for such a casual type game. The goal of the game, as in every other MOBA game, is to take down the other teams base, while collecting more points than the enemies.

The game is fun, not only for Adventure Time fans, but for fans of the genre, who are looking for something a little less serious, and to mess around with during your free time. It features 15 playable characters from the TV show, including Finn, Jake, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and more! Each hero has their own unique set of powers and attacks, and players can earns points which can get them different outfits, and different additional weapons.



XAM is a free to play next-generation MOBA game from new developer, LLC AnnGames. The best things about the MOBA is the team-fights, and the team hopes to make the team-fights in XAM as fun as possible. The rounds in XAM last only as long as 10 minutes, and refused to add anything to the game to distract players from the battlefield, like farming, mobs, item management and leveling up.

The basics of the game are extremely simple, you control only your character and your 6 abilities. They use a ground-target system, which means your abilities will not hit the enemies automatically, which means you must plan your attacks and make sure enemies can’t dodge them. In XAM, the skill of the player is the most important aspect, and will be the reason your team wins.

As the game is currently in Early Access, the gameplay and mechanics may change significantly. At the time of this writing the game has 8 characters and 3 different arenas.



A team action game where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy. Join the fight and be one of the first to try Gigantic! A mystical bond connects you and four teammates to your guardian, a magical behemoth too powerful for a single mortal to defeat. Protect your guardian as your team charges across the battlefield, then see it crush your enemies underfoot. Physics-based abilities let you invent new ways to amaze your friends and frustrate your enemies. The element of surprise is key as you use WASD controls to sprint, dodge, aim, destroy barriers, hurdle obstacles, and leap from danger to safety. The world of Gigantic is a world of mystery, where airships soar over ancient ruins and a fantasy empire is yours for the taking. Charge into battle and lead your guardian to victory. Gigantic rewards the daring, the clever, and the swift.

Choose a heavy-metal juggernaut, a stealthy acrobat, a fire-breathing sorcerer—or something else that matches your play style. Pick attack, defense, and just-plain-cool upgrades on the fly, then surprise your enemies with a combo they never saw coming.

Your guardian is the biggest ally you’ll ever have. With your team’s help, the guardian drives back your enemies, destroying and reshaping the battlefield as it goes. But your enemies have a guardian, too! Work together to overpower the enemy guardian, then strike its heart when you have the chance. And beware! Each guardian has its own attacks and tactics–everything from impaling tail spikes to destructive tornadoes.