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Netmarble and MMO ATK have teamed up to offer our audience an online code giveaway that entitles players of Uncharted Waters Online a random item from a long list of useful items in-game.

How to Redeem Code
1. Log in or Sign up for your MMO ATK account
2. Log in or Sign up at Netmarble
3. Once logged in at Netmarble go to SHOP > Redeem Codes
3. Choose UWO to go to the next step where you will select your character and enter your code from below
4. To receive the item in-game, go to the “bank” and “receive item”
5. Enjoy!

Items You Can Recieve
1) Lifesavers – Rescue equipment for crippled ship.
2) Fire buckets – Emergency sand bag. Usage can extinguish fire on ship.
3) Carpentry tools – Tool box used in ship’s repair. Usage restores the endurance of the ship.
4) First aid kit – Used in sea battle. Helps in regaining the number of sailors lost by the friendly ships in the battle.
5) Lime juice – Drink prepared from lime. Miracle remedy for scurvy.
6) Sober – Clears the effect of alcohol if taken in an inebriated state.
7) Rodent killer – Pest extermination remedy. Controls massive occurrence of mice.
8) Effective plague cure – Plague remedy.
9) Cotton earplugs – Ear plug to protect the sailors from the siren song. To be used if the siren song is heard during voyage.
10) Spare sail – Spare sail cloth. Can be used to fix damage to sail.
11) Spare rudder wheel – Spare rudder. Can be used to fix damage to steering.
12) Ceasefire agreement – Document to end the battle with a raiding ship.
13) Bell of withdrawal – Melee battle item. Alarm bell used in the withdrawal from Melee battles.
14) Deck brush – Tool used to retain the cleanliness of the ship. Removes dirt from the deck.
15) Hammock – Provides restful sleep in a rocking ship. Resolves sailors’ lack of sleep.
16) Navy dispatch request – Document promising navy reinforcements.Provides reinforcements during a sea battle.
17) Landmark ribbon – Landmark for return journey. Use to return to the land head.
18) Cheese omelette – Cheese omelette. Vigour Recovery+15
19) Mushroom pasta – Mushroom pasta. Vigour Recovery+15
20) Muffins – White, flat bread. Vigour Recovery+15