Salem – Open Beta Begins

Paradox Interactive has finally let us know that they are ready to have players join in on the intrepid exploring of their free-to-play community driven MMORPG Salem: The Crafting MMO.  The game, which challenges players to survive and settle in the new world of colonial North America, is now available during the Open Beta Worldwide.

Now I tried this game out a few months back and was quite surprised at how difficult it is.  At the time there was not much of a walk-through, so when you entered the game you kind of had to figure things out on your own.  There were a few people doing let’s plays on YouTube so that was the only way I could understand what was going on in Salem.  The idea seems fun enough, a sandbox styled MMO that relies less on the traditional structure and instead presents players with a persistent community and the ability to shape their own experiences.

Interested players can download the game at the official Salem the game site.

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