Netmarble today released an impressive set of figures in infographic form detailing a vast array of stats for the Open Beta period of the upcoming free-to-play online shooting game, Hounds: The Last Hope. Despite only recently starting the Open Beta testing period Netmarble’s MMOFPS has already attracted huge levels of interest with almost 90.000 characters created by gamers playing in over 100 countries, even the Bahamas.

The average player clocks 3 hours of gaming time every day, enjoying a variety of different activities and modes within that time with over 2.7 million minutes of missions played and 1.4 million minutes of competitive PvP battles. The community of Hounds: The Last Hope has filled nearly 4 million body bags since the launch of Open Beta and slaughtered a staggering 66 million Wickbroke enemy units.

For more information or to play the Open Beta for Hounds: The Last Hope, check out the official website.

Source: Press Release, Infographic

  • DarokPhoenix

    To expensive Itemshop good Weapons you get only by real money

  • InDeed

    It’s semi pay to win, for example the Blue tier 2 rifle +4 does almost the same dmg as a Gold weapon from box, but the gold weapon has really much more accuracy at long range. Another example is the Blue Tier 2 Shootgun wich can also one shot using any of the skills same as the Gold shootgun but yet the gold one can one shot you with normal attack.

  • أندرو إنفانتي من الحياة

    me gusta mucho este juego xd que bien