Odin Gets The Makeover Treatment In Latest SMITE Update

It’s a pretty tough act to follow the hugely popular Chinese Pantheon update but Hi-Rez Studios have pulled it off with a makeover for one of the most loved God’s in the game, Odin. SMITE players can now enjoy the contents of the new patch which includes a variety of God ability and item changes, new Gold Skins, additional voice packs, as well as a newly designed Arena map.

Chang’e and Aphordite have received the golden treatment while Loki has a new skin in the form of the infiltrator. As well as his hugely impressive makeover, which can be seen in the screenshots below, Odin has also been treated to a new voice pack.

Tyr has been the victim of a number of nerfs, reducing the damage for both his 1 and 2 abilities, while slightly buffing the knock-back distance. Odin, Hun Batz and Ne Zha are some of the other God’s that have undergone a few changes.

For the full list of patch notes you can visit the official website here. We’ve also just uploaded a brand new interview from PAX Prime 2013, so if you want to see what’s in store for SMITE you can view that here.

Odin Gets The Makeover Treatment In Latest SMITE Update

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