Paladins Enters Open Beta On Steam

Paladins Champions Of The Realm 1280x720

The upcoming team-based shooter from SMITE developers Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins, has officially entered Open Beta today ahead of its launch on Steam. The game was first announced in August of 2015 and has grown in popularity thanks to its unique combination of MOBA inspired mechanics, deep character progression and huge amounts of customization through collectible … Read more

SMITE Celebrates PlayStation 4 Open Beta Alongside 2nd Anniversary


Hi-Rez Studios today announced that SMITE is now officially in Open Beta testing for the PlayStation 4 just in time for the game to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. The team over at Hi-Rez Studios have a number of exciting promotions lined up to commemorate the event, with a new event being introduced to the game … Read more

SMITE Is Coming To The PlayStation 4


Hi-Rez Studios today announced that PlayStation 4 players will soon have the opportunity to join the legendary Battleground of the God’s as the developers announce the upcoming release of SMITE as a free-to-play title on PS4. Having already enjoyed huge levels of success on both the PC and Xbox One platforms SMITE’s iconic third-person MOBA … Read more

Japanese God Of Thunder Enters The Battleground Of The Gods


Following last months successful release of SMITE Season 3 developers Hi-Rez Studios today announced the release of Patch 3.2, an update that introduces a new God in the Japanese pantheon with the debut of The Master of Thunder, Raijin. The team also thanked the SMITE community for the incredibly positive and warming response that Season … Read more

New SMITE God Amaterasu Gameplay | First Impressions HD

The latest god to join SMITE is the first in the Japanese pantheon for 2016.  Amaterasu is a high mobility, high area damage physical melee Warrior.

First Impressions videos are not full reviews, please don’t confuse them as such.  In most cases, this is the first time we are playing the game, we do this so you can see the game exactly as you may come across it for the first time.


Japanese Pantheon To Debut In SMITE Season 3


This past weekend saw Hi-Rez Studios launch another hugely successful World Championships event for the critically acclaimed MOBA game SMITE and with it the first introduction of the upcoming launch of the Japanese Pantheon. The long awaited debut of the Japanese Pantheon will take place when the first arrival is released on the PC version … Read more

Hi-Rez Studios Wasting Little Time Pushing Paladins To The eSports Community

Paladins Champions Of The Realm 1280x720

Hi-Rez Studios hope to carry their experience and success in the eSports environment with SMITE to their upcoming release Paladins as today they announced their plans to release the Constructed Mode with the next update to the card-based first-person shooter. The team also confirmed what was originally revealed in a recent trailer, the $100,000 Paladins … Read more

Paladin’s Welcomes New Champion Evie Alongside New 24/7 Testing Schedule

Paladins Champions Of The Realm 1280x720

Developers of the hugely popular free-to-play MOBA SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios, today announced that the Closed Beta for their upcoming MMO shooter Paladins is now extending to 24/7 access alongside the debut of a brand new Champion, Evie. As the new Champion Evie introduces an interesting selection of potential new tactics and strategies to deploy in … Read more

Paladins Gameplay | First Impressions HD


Our first impressions video for the brand new character shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins. The game just went into closed beta this week and we jump right in to check out what it has to offer and see if it’s worth our time compared to the other character shooters that are coming our way soon.


Hi-Rez Studios’ New Online Shooter Paladins Enters Closed Beta


Hi-Rez Studios, the driving force behind the award-winning SMITE, today announced the immediate release of the Closed Beta client for the upcoming online first-person shooter, Paladins. The game promises endless hours of entertainment in a competitive atmosphere that blends together the thrill of the first-person genre with unique collectible-card-based mechanics supporting the progression system. [quote … Read more

Battlegrounds Of The Gods Invades Steam With SMITE Launch


Hi-Rez Studios continue their dominance of the third-person MOBA genre as the award-winning Battleground of the Gods, SMITE, has now officially launched on Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam. The release follows a hugely successful period on PC and very impressive launch on Xbox One, with Hi-Rez Studios now bringing the game to the millions and … Read more

Hi-Rez Studios Announce Upcoming Team-Based Strategy Shooter Paladins


Hi-Rez Studios, developers of the multi-award winning free-to-play MOBA game SMITE, today unveiled the first ever official details for their brand new project, a free-to-play strategic shooter currently in development for PC and current generation consoles, Paladins. In addition to traditional shooter mechanics and features players can expect deep strategic inspiration with in-match character progression … Read more