Ignited Games, the developers behind WindSlayer 2, have announced that their newest game, Rosh Online: The Return of Karos, is ready for closed beta. Rosh Online takes players through a quest to become the Karos Warrior, and in the process break a curse of darkness plaguing the land of Asmara.

The closed beta also comes with the opportunity to win a few MMO-themed prizes; whoever signs up for the beta will be automatically entered to win a variety of gifts put together by the Ignited team. Rosh Online differentiates itself from other action MMOs by focusing on ultra-fast combat and highly technical gameplay, as opposed to the repetitive, systematic button mashing found in most modern title. Rosh Online boasts high-end graphics and an advanced game engine ? but we?ll have to wait to find out whether anyone is interested.

Rosh Online is a free new MMORPG in a fantastic setting. You can watch the exciting trailer and sign up for closed beta testing on the official site.  Closed beta participants will receive a special XP bonus that allows them to progress twice as fast ? likely an effort by Ignited to get some last minute testing on some of their high level content.

Rosh Online Closed Beta Announced by Ignited Games

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