Soul Captor Spotlight!

Unique cell-shaded graphics, giant monsters brawls, and cute spirit companions… Soul Captor has all this, plus more!

Gamania is building up the upcoming arrival of Soul Captor Online, a free-to-play that revolves around the acquisition and controlling of monster souls. In Soul Captor Online, players will be accompanied by Anima, a fully Customizable spirit creature that will assist them in their adventure. When the player and Anima defeat a monster, the monster’s soul can be captured in order to be used for buffs, enchantment, and even mounts.

As of now the only classes revealed are: Warrior, Priest, Shaman, and Onmyoji (mage). There is also a pair of unannounced classes waiting to be revealed as well.

As of June 2012, Soul Captor is accepting sign-ups for the summer beta. For now, check out the warmhearted trailer on their and get ready to capture some souls!

Soul Captor Spotlight!

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