Goodgame Empire

In Goodgame Empire, players get to experience life as lord of a land. Go from building your small castle to the capital of an empire! Set up and operate a thriving economic state, and build your military forces to defend your holdings, and expand your borders. Join with other players and destroy any opposition, to become the ruler of a legacy!

Goodgame Empire is a browser base castle building game where you build things in real-time.  Graphics are cartoony and easy on the eyes.  The interface may be a little clunky, but most of the basic stuff is easy and intuitive to use.  The main objectives of the game is to accumulate resources such as wood, stone and food over time and then spend this building stuff and feeding your population and army.  There is some limited functionality for sending resources to others and therefore trading.  Goodgame Studios have also recently introduced outposts, which are like mini castles you can capture and build up from scratch.

In the game you receive quests, which are the only way to get experience, and they direct you to build certain building.  Gaining experience means gaining levels.  Gaining levels means more types of building and better soldiers to recruit.  Besides building stuff you also recruit armies and build siege equipment.  This means you can make use of this for attacking other players.  The combat itself is automatically resolved, but the setup and combat reports are complex enough to be interesting without being daunting.  Beating up other players gives you honor which will increase your ranking in the game as you gain more of it.

If you are in to City Building games give this one a try, you will not be sorry.

Winner of an MMO of the Year Award in 2013.

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