Community Feedback Central To Developer Plans In Heroes Of The Storm

Today Blizzard left a note for Heroes of the Storm players as the development team praise their community for the hugely positive feedback they’ve received so far and ensuring players that the communities feedback is instrumental in the upcoming changes heading to the game and matchmaking systems.

The matchmaking has been one of the most discussed elements of the game, with both praise and criticism heavy on the tongues of the community. Following the huge levels of interest and feedback the developers have received relating to the matchmaking within the game, today they informed the community of the changes that are coming as a result.


  • Pre-made Parties vs Solo Players
  • Coordinated team compositions that will reduce frustration from solo players matched against large parties with adequate time to coordinate heroes
  • One-sided matchups – while improvements have been made, there is more to go with much more fine-tuning required mainly focused on ranked play
  • Unskilled play – the team is looking for ways to tighten up MMR in this area
  • long queue times that seem to be tied in to new heroes being released


Source: Official Website

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