Our team of gamers relentlessly searches the internet much like Google does. But the Google robot doesn’t hand select the best games like we do. It just grabs whatever seems relevant. Well, that’s why we prefer to stray from the Google model and hand pick our top games lists for you, the gamer. You could do all the work yourself, and we’d applaud you for it, but why not take a look at a hard days work right here with this list of t he top free 2D MMORPG Games.

These games bring you the best 2D action while also bringing you the best value for your time. We wouldn’t mess around and just throw out any free games for you, only the best will be delivered right to your screen. So if you’re a fan of 2D MMO and MMORPG Games then you’ve found the right place. Let us know how you liked these games in the comments!

[heading]10. Evony[/heading]


Evony is a classic go-to game for many. It pretty much started the whole revolution of 2D browser games, bringing itself to the forefront with some questionable marketing tactics. But behind all that is a truly great strategy game that you are sure to enjoy.

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[heading]9. Goodgame Empire[/heading]

Goodgame Empire

Don’t let the silly knight picture above this text keep you from trying this game. Goodgame Empire is good, really good! In fact it’s in the title, so it has to be. This is a great city-building game with plenty of strategy and plenty of gameplay to keep you coming back again and again.

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[heading]8. Lord of Ultima[/heading]

Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima builds upon the browser based strategy genre by delivering the type of gameplay not normally seen in games of this type. Electronic Arts really put a great effort into this game by bringing something new and unique to the 2D genre, but while also keeping the gameplay clean and simple.

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[heading]7. Stronghold Kingdoms[/heading]

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms is a really neat, quite realistic look at life in a midieval town. You are tasked with building up a small town into a bustling castle while taking over the countryside with some great modern tactics. This is a great real time strategy game that gives great 2D action right in your browser.

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[heading]6. Kingdoms of Camelot[/heading]

Kingdoms of Camelot

We all wanted to be King Arthur. His story will be told for generations to come. And what’s great about this 2D MMORPG is that you too can journey into Camelot and win the favor of the king while trying to create an empire of your own. Kingdoms of Camelot does a great job at bringing you right into the action.

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[heading]5. Warmage Batlegrounds[/heading]

Warmage Battlegrounds

Warmage Battlegrounds does something that most of these other 2D games doesn’t do. It mixes in a great fantasy battle element that is rarely seen in this genre. You will build and configure a mighty combat force out of a huge collection of powerful spells and deadly weapons.

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[heading]4. Dragons of Atlantis[/heading]

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis mixes epic 2D gameplay with strategy not before seen in a browser game. You will use a mighty dragon with special abilities to take down anyone who dare approaches your empire. You also use this dragon to destroy anyone who dare be caught in your warpath.

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[heading]3. Grepolis[/heading]


Greek mythology always has a solid place in video gaming. In this 2D browser MMO you will take the role of a city ruler in Ancient Greece. You are responsible for building up the empire and defending it from the hordes of enemies that dare to come near your city walls. Your strategy and preparedness is paramount in this game.

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[heading]2. The Settlers Online[/heading]

The Settlers Online

When Ubisoft puts out a game, people take notice. Their latest foray into 2D MMORPG games is a huge hit with The Settlers Online. You will take your simple plot of land and build it into a mighty empire as you journey through time in this great city-building strategy game.

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[heading]1. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances[/heading]

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

The Command and Conquer series has brought us many great games. Their latest attempt at a 2D game has us defending the powerful resource known as tiberium. In this strategy game you will use this resource to help build up a powerful army and take over the planet.

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