Should Games Be Beatable By Everyone – MMOpinion

Maybe i’m feeling a little old-school right now but i’m tired of games offering me 10 levels of difficulty.  Who is playing games on easy?  There’s no challenge in that.  And medium is usually just a few more HP on the enemies, again, no challenge.  It’s not until you get to a hard or ‘super duper hard’ difficulty when the game even becomes fun. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are many of us who are just not up to par when it comes to playing a difficult game, maybe they do need a lower difficulty in order to get the hang of the game.  But it just bugs me that far less superior players can say “oh yeah i beat Halo”  NO YOU DIDNT!  Halo is hard, you can’t play it on easy and say you beat it!

Maybe i’m just high up on my horse, but I strongly feel that games should not be beatable by everyone.  What do you think?  Should they be beatable by everyone?  Should they offer different levels of difficulty?

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