50,000 Invites On The Way For Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

Robert Space Industries today sent out word in a new Weekly Development Update post informing Star Citizen players that they expect to invite 50,000 more Citizens to the game to help test the updated modules in Alpha 2.0.

The developers are currently focusing on server instability and technical issues for the current bout of Alpha testing, utilizing feedback from the community to help locate the problems and hopefully have them fixed before the release of Alpha 2.0.

[quote cite=”Robert Space Industries”]Now here’s our first update on Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Development since releasing to PTU! Server instability is still our archenemy of the week but we have it firmly locked in our cross-hairs! Reinforcements have arrived with 16,500 backers who now have access to the 2.0 build! Never before have so few been so helpful to so many. This feedback is crucial in helping us get the Live build ship-shape and stable for the rest of the community. We’ve even tried to bolster your testing efforts by putting work in to the server bots system to improve the quality of our crash tracking information.[/quote]

Star Citizen continues to be a hugely popular title in the MMO space, attracting one of the largest funding pools in Kickstarter history.

Source: Official Website

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