Star Citizen To Utilize Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine

Star Citizen 1280x720

Cloud Imperium Games today announced that the upcoming launches of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will be utilizing the Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine that offers both space sims deep levels of integration with Amazon Web Services and Twitch TV. Both games from Cloud Imperium Games are still in development but continue to attract huge levels … Read more

CitizenCon Offers Latest Insight To Lengthy Development Cycle Of Star Citizen

Star Citizen 1280x720

This past weekend saw some of the staff at Robert Space Industries take to the stage of the CitizenCon event to discuss current and future plans for the development cycle and eventual release of Star Citizen – one of the most successful games ever to hit crowd-funding. Star Citizen is currently in Alpha 3.0 and … Read more

You Can Play Star Citizen Free This Weekend

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The team over at Robert Space Industries are offering the opportunity for players at this years Gamescom to dive into the crowd-funding phenomenon Star Citizen but if you’re not in attendance, you can also jump in for a slice of the action. Returning once again to Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is one of the most exciting … Read more

More Drama Surrounding Star Citizen As Co-Founder “Takes A Break”

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A game that goes to prove funding isn’t everything. One of most successful video-game Kickstarter campaigns, Star Citizen, has received a fair amount of flak in its time and its reputation took another blow today as VP of Marketing and Co-Founder Sandi Gardiner posted a concerning message on Twitter. The game was a phenomenal success … Read more

50,000 Invites On The Way For Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

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Robert Space Industries today sent out word in a new Weekly Development Update post informing Star Citizen players that they expect to invite 50,000 more Citizens to the game to help test the updated modules in Alpha 2.0. The developers are currently focusing on server instability and technical issues for the current bout of Alpha … Read more

Data Leak Introduces Star Citizen Community To Legendary Carrier Class Bengal

Star Citizen 1280x720

Robert Space Industries’ upcoming science-fiction based MMO epic, Star Citizen, continues to attract massive attention following its record-breaking KickStarter campaign as today community members learned of a new data leak, possibly featuring the first up close shots of the legendary carrier class Bengal. Dedicated fans discovered the materials after a member of the development team … Read more

Star Citizen Introduces Equipment Rental

Star Citizen 1280x720

Robert Space Industries today released an extensive list of patch notes detailing the exciting variety of changes coming with the latest update for the highly anticipated and hugely successful crowd-source funding MMO. Star Citizen. Players will want to head into the game and update the client to get the latest patch that includes a brand … Read more

Huge Reveals For Star Citizen On The Horizon

Star Citizen 1280x720

The most successful crowd-source funding campaign in science-fiction MMO history continues to drive the hype train as Roberts Space Industries Chairman promises big things on the horizon for Star Citizen. Star Citizen has long been a hot topic of discussion among MMO circles following its hugely successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter as Robert Space Industries … Read more

Star Citizen: Arena Commander First Impressions HD

Star Citizen: Arena Commander is dogfighting module for the upcoming Star Citizen.  

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Top 10 Sandbox MMORPGs for 2014

For many years the term sandbox brought the feelings of old, dated, and empty to gamers minds.  But a resurgence is currently in the works as more and more players are harkening back to the times when incessant hand-holding wasn’t the norm, and a pre-destined path towards level cap with predictable dungeons and kill ten rat quests didn’t litter the face of many of the MMOs we may otherwise enjoy.

With the return of the mighty sandboxer eminent, we wanted to take a look at some of the newest games either recently announced, in alpha, or just about ready to let you enjoy them.  So here are ten sandbox MMORPGs to look out for this year.

[heading]TUG[/heading]We start out this list with a lesser known title, that finished its Kickstarter campaign early last year, TUG.  TUG is a multiplayer open world sandbox RPG, that uses new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design.  What the hell does that mean?  Other than what TUG PR guy came up with the game promises to integrate modding support, to give players tools to help shape their game, offer total freedom to whether you want to play alone, or with friends on a private server.  Everything you need will be created in-game, from name plates above players heads to a mini-map on your UI or seeing detailed info about your friends, enemies and gear.  TUG is currently in Alpha for backers

[heading]Terrayn[/heading]Terrayn is a brand new project that was just released on Kickstarter this month, February 2014.  Terrayn is a sandbox MMORPG, but we might as well start up a new genre called desert, because the plans that CodeMushroom has for Terrayn are some of the most ambitious we’ve seen.   Of course it will have a persistent and constantly evolving world, a story-line that is all your own, the ability to create farm and dig anything you can imagine, but what makes it really stand out is the API, application programming interface, which allows players to create simple scripts that can be put on living objects that you won.  Oh what?  Sounds crazy right?  You not only create how the world looks, but how the world DOES.  Well, that sounded better in my head.

[heading]Albion Online[/heading]Albion Online is another game in its Alpha stages, with still a long ways to go before completion.  The developers, which have taken the lovely name, Sandbox Interactive, are hoping to make Albion Online the first true cross-platform MMO.  But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.  Albion Online is a stylized medieval territorial warfare game with an emphasis on player freedom.  The game has a no-level-up character system, that relies on your 6-8 pieces of gear, the freedom to establish your cities economy as a trader, craftsman or mercenary, the ability to build everything from saw mills, to forges and academies and the freedom to play any way you desire.

[heading]The Repopulation[/heading]The Repopulation is another highly ambitious title from a small indie developer, Above and Beyond Technologies.  This Sci-Fi sandbox title, which recently completed their Kickstarter campaign, takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the last known remaining human population, fighting for their very existence.  The game places a heavy emphasis on innovation, which gives players the ability to walk down paths that they enjoy the most, whether they want to focus on combat, crafting, designing cities, forming independent rogue nations, or working together with groups.  With intense lore, pets, PvE, PvP, player-housing, siege systems and more, The Repopulation is definitely one to look out for.

[heading]Black Desert[/heading]Black Desert is a sandbox-oriented MMO from a Korean developer Pearl Abyss.  The game has been in development since 2010 and has recently gone through closed beta testing in Korea, while releasing a few screenshots of an English version recently, although no announcement of a publisher.  Anyways, Black Desert will feature an open world with a diverse set of biomes, unpredictable weather which will affect players, massive sieges, a detailed resource gathering system, non-instanced player housing and an action oriented combated system.

[heading]ArcheAge[/heading]So ArcheAge is being billed as a sort of hybrid between sandbox games and themepark games, but the sandbox elements are the ones that most are excited about, so hence its conclusion on this list. ArcheAge will feature a zoneless world with a third-person view, a huge housing system, the ability to create your own class, based on three basic skill types from a selection of ten.  Large scale PvP with a player run court system and a jail concept also sound like they could be quite fun.  The extensive crafting system will allow people to create equipment, food, vehicles, building, furniture and more.

[heading]Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues[/heading]Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues comes from the infamous Richard Garriott, or Lord British as he’s known in-game.  If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry, it’s not important for this video, but he did create Ultimate Online, so yeah..  Shroud of the Avatar will allow players to pursue any skills of their choice, with no set classes, you’ll be able to partake in five crafting categories, gathering and converting resources into items, and selling or trading those items.  Communication with NPCs is through typed responses interpreted by the game, there is no quest log, and players will explore storylines that interest them.

[heading]Star Citizen[/heading]Star Citizen has been making the rounds as one of the most successful crowd-funding campaigns ever, reaching over $38 million as of this video.  Star Citizen is an audacious project where the creators, Roberts Space Industries will create a whole new universe to explore and live in.  The game will let you be whatever the hell it is that you want.  Want to be a trader, or a military combat pilot?  Maybe a scavenger or a criminal? Do it.  The world will be constantly expanding and evolving, will allow user generated combat, will focus on the interactions between yourself and others, and have a fully dynamic player driven economy.  Put me down for another million.

[heading]Pathfinder Online[/heading]Pathfinder Online is a fantasy sandbox MMO by Goblinworks.  The game is based on the Pathfinder tabletop game, which is based on Dungeons and Dragons.  OK, business time.  The highlight reel for Pathfinder Online reads like this: No grinding, no classes, player created homes
, taverns, farms and cities, the end to the meaningless gankfest in PvP, a meaningful trading system, a focus on exploration, adventure, development and domination, a game that’s about maximizing human interaction.

[heading]EverQuest Next[/heading]EverQuest Next is being heralded as the largest sandbox MMO ever designed, and the folks at SOE are taking their next title very, very seriously.  EverQuest Next developers have stated an intention to return to a style of gameplay more like the original EverQuest, while retaining the advancements that MMORPG design has made in the years since the original launched.  Among the features of EQN will be full destructibility, the concept of permanent change, your choices changing the consequences in the game and a revolutionary class system.  EverQuest Next is a game that will not be released in 2014, but it’s one that we’ll be hearing a lot about this year, and thus belongs on our list.

So there’s our list of the top 10 Sandbox MMOs to be looking forward to in 2014.  Tell us what you think with the comments below.  Also let us know if there’s a game more deserving of the list, and use a convincing argument, because we’re stubborn!  Leave this video a like, and subscribe, and we’ll see you on the next video.  Cheers!

The Elder Scrolls Online, Pantheon, Star Citizen and more! | The Daily XP February 24th

What’s up Attackers? 
Welcome to Monday February 24th, Kirk here with your daily MMO News, exclusively
from MMO  Here’s to hoping you
all had a great weekend, I’m definitely going to need a few cups of this to
survive the day!  On today’s show we have
some new changes coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, and the tale of two MMORPG
Kickstarter campaigns, how to do it right, and how to completely fuck it up. Your
daily XP starts now!
The Daily XP is MMO ATK’s Daily MMO and MMORPG News Show.  Come back each and every day for highlights of the days most current stories, brought to you by the number one MMO news source on the web!

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Today on the Daily XP:
The Elder Scrolls Online Let’s You Skip Through Intro Quests on Re-roll | [timer]28[/timer]
Star Citizen Continues to Blast Through Stretch Goals | [timer]75[/timer]
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter Campaign Comes Up Short | [timer]126[/timer]

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So let’s say you’re playing your favorite MMO, you’ve
leveled up a few characters and you want to try out that new .. bard class ..
that everyone is talking about.  You
re-roll, pick an awesome new name like, Grangafor and you set out on your
journey.  But, oh god, now you’ve gotta
run through all the newbie quests again, learning the ‘story’ about your
character, killing ten rats, and collecting ten rat butts, like you have for
the past 5 re-rolls.  Never fear though,
Zenimax Online Studios may have the answer to what ails you in The Elder
Scrolls Online.  Now, it’s not confirmed
yet, but some information on a new update has surfaced with some changes on the
PTS server.  The Reddit user found an NPC
that completes all quests, saving you from having to do them every-time you
start a new character.  There are other
changes as well, there always are, you can find them at

Now we have a tale of two Kickstarter campaigns.  One, a massive success with millions of
dollars raised, the other, well .. not so much of a success.  OK, so we start with Star Citizen, who took
to Kickstarter back in September 2013 to ask for a measly 500,000 to start up
their space combat and exploration MMO. 
As we sit, about 6 months later, the company has just surpassed 39
million dollars.  And no that’s not a
typo.  With the new stretch goal reached,
a brand new star system is being added to the game, which was voted on by you,
the users.  The next stretch goal
however, is the one everyone is talking about, it will give the developers the
tools to utilize a new technology that will allow for entire planets to be
created dynamically, offering an infinite array of possibilities when players
explore the Star Citizen world.  I think
they’ll hit that, don’t you?

Visionary Realms would love to be coming up with stretch
goals when they reach the 39 million dollar range.  And who knows, maybe they will at some point,
but not now.  Pantheon: Rise of the
Fallen, the MMORPG venture by Brad McQuaid, of EverQuest glory, failed to reach
its Kickstarter goal of $800,000.  The
developers removed some restrictions on the campaign to try to reach the goal
on the final day, but alas, came up short. 
So what do they do now?  Well, the
team is not giving up on the game, hardly, they will probably try to work
harder now to get the game finished. 
They have started up a funding page on their own website, that has the
same tiers and goals as their Kickstarter page. 
It’s important to note, if you were one of the original pledges on
Kickstarter, to go pledge again, as your support was not charged.

Thanks for watching the Daily XP.
 Be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to MMOAttack Games for
Daily MMO content.  Don’t forget to check out our website to get the
details on all the stories I just covered, and send us any stories we might
have missed.   See you guys tomorrow!