7th Legion DLC Previewed For Defiance

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Earlier this month Trion Worlds announced the upcoming release of the latest DLC for Defiance and today they published a preview of the more notable features coming next month in the 7th Legion DLC. Despite being the third DLC to release for Defiance, players continue to express their disappointment with the continued lack of content in these DLC packs. Previous additions have included new weapons, vehicles and costumes, but have yet to feature any new locations or quests.

Trion Worlds have highlighted the more exciting aspects of the 7th Legion DLC, outlined below:

  • Join The 7th Legion -Yoshida Hiro?s 7th Legion marches for the Bay Area armed with the
    latest E-Rep  weaponry and defenses. Prove your worth to join their
    cause, battle against the enemies of a unified Earth, and reap new
  • Recruitment Kit – An outfit, gear, and title start your path to becoming an honored member of the 7th Legion.

New weapons will also be introduced alongside a new chat system and interface; and a new dynamic event involved the Bay Area. For more information on the DLC and Season Pass, click the link below.

Source: Official Website

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