8Realms – Defunct

8Realms is an exciting new MMORTS (massive multiplayer online real time strategy game? wow that’s a mouthful) from Jegex that puts the player through the ages as you build up an empire and help your civilization thrive. With your empire in 8Realms, you progress through eight essential “Ages” in order to progress and unlock new features. In each Age, new technology, structures and even more troops become available. Then at the end of each of these Ages, you construct a great Wonder to propel your Empire into the next Age. Get it, “8 wonders of the world”!?

8realms is a browser based MMORTS game and has persistent real time strategy elements throughout. Jagex has really created a beautiful world here with 8Realms, with bright green valleys and very detailed models. The company previously developed another massively multiplayer online RTS called War of Legends, which took place in the ancient world of Chinese mythology. These guys really know how to create a true browser MMORTS that is easy to pick up and play, but can get advanced for veteran players.

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