League of Angels II

League of Angels II

League of Angels II is the next flagship title in GTArcade’s original League of Angels franchise. The previous League of Angels titles have both achieved worldwide success. The first LoA is still played in over 150 countries and received numerous awards such as Facebook’s Best New Game in 2014 and MMOsite’s Best Browser Game in 2015. LoA – Fire Raiders was named Best Mobile RPG in 2015 and has topped mobile charts all around the world.

In development for 2 years, every aspect of League of Angels II has been designed to push the limits of next gen browser games. The game sends out a clear message that The Angels Have Transcended to players around the globe. North America is the first stop in League of Angels II’s global journey, but far from the last! More regional launches will follow shortly so stay tuned for exciting news.



The rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games, announces its release of a new online RPG experience, Nightfalls, featuring lush environments, massive champion collecting and an immersive fighting system. 37 Game’s operation team has been hard at work improving and polishing the experience in preparation for its debut to players around the world.

Darkness Devours All
Set in a fantasy world devoured by darkness, where human beings live in desperation and turmoil, evil has risen once again and demons are looking to retake the world that was once theirs. As a fallen angel named Sherri, you will work with and recruit champions in your quest to quell the forces of evil and restore peace throughout the land. Work alongside mortals to secure a future for all posterity!

Collect Hundreds of Champions
Choose between a male or female character to start your journey. On your travels, you will encounter hundreds of champions whose skills and magic will lend in your fight against the vilest creatures to ever appear on a computer screen.

Personalized Battles
To create a powerful team to fight the forces of evil, you will need to use various strategies and take advantage of the different abilities of your champions. You will also need to wisely choose your equipment to develop a unique character with unique champions to aid in your battles. In the closed beta, there will be dozens of champions available for you to recruit!

Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords Heroes of the North Game Feature

Epic MMO strategy like you’ve never seen it before!

The realm of Shingård is under siege! Forge a ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to fight for King Björn the Awesome. Join millions of players and thousands of clans as you battle it out across the frozen North.

Arm your Stronghold, build your army and go to war for loot and glory!

✔ AAA artwork, an original score by Jesper Kyd, and featuring Patrick Warburton as King Björn!

✔ Watch the action with fully animated battles!

✔ Spy, raid, form clans, and upgrade to bring your Stronghold to the top!

✔ Collect, craft, and customize with new RPG gameplay!

✔ Use 30+ battle-ready units from four factions for PvE and PvP combat!

✔ Choose a faction and customize a Champion to lead your armies!

✔ Command hilarious characters, hapless heroes, and the baddest warriors to ever swing a battle axe.

NORDS: HEROES OF THE NORTH is free to play, but offers in-game purchases.


abyss dark arisen game

Hong Kong – May 8, 2015 – NGames is happy to announce that Abyss-Dark Arisen will be arriving soon for players to enjoy. Abyss-Dark Arisen is a 3D ARPG browser game to be released in June, 2015 by NGames. Based on Flash 3D development, the game provides exquisite graphics, smooth character action and highly free combat mode. Players can choose from 3 classes and a variety of stunning skills, fight along with heroes in a fantasy world of sword and magic. Players can find more information at http://abyss.game321.com/.

Birth of Elements
Originally, the world was in chaos without lands, oceans, or skies. There was only coldness in the North and heat in the South. At the center, was a magnificent Tree of Life.

The Sky Goddess Una was born under the influence of cold and heat. Una was unhappy with the darkness, so she created four elements – earth, water, fire and wind by using the Tree of Life and four magic syllables. With these elements, Una created vast land, oceans and creatures.

Intelligent Lives
As time passed, there were gods, giants and elves. The gods and giants lived in harmony until the reign fight. After being defeated, the giants were exiled from Gods’ Garden. The elves were born from the Tree of Life.

To make a better world, the goddess carved figures out of wood based on her own figure and gave them life. Thus, a new species was born – human.

Una passed her wisdom to humans, elves and giants. Humans were good at creation. Elves were experts at learning and the giants who were simple-minded were natural battlers. Under the goddess’ blessing, they had a peaceful life.

Evil Dragon’s Plot
While Una was creating the world, the evil dragon born in the darkness was scheming to lock up Una, because it was unhappy that the darkness was replaced by the brightness. However, its plot was seen by Una. The evil dragon was imprisoned in a magical prison. The evil dragon cursed that one day the goddess would pay for this.

The Nightmare
The evil dragon’s chance finally came. The giants had been discontent since they were expelled from Gods’ Garden. A dark lord’s servant convinced the simple-minded giants that they would be the strongest as long as they pulled up the Tree of Life in the goddess’ garden. One day, the giants succeeded while the goddess was away. The Tree of Life withered and the elements without the energy source disappeared in the air.

Goddess’ Dusk
The world soon collapsed without the elements needed from the Tree of Life. The goddess supported the world and sealed the evil dragon in an abyss with all of her magic. Una was so tired. She left her body on the earth and put her mind to sleep. The blood from her body became the first flood in the world. Learning that they were deceived, the giants lifted up the mountains and created a shelter for people to make up for their wrongdoings. Using elven magic, the elves tried to stop the blood from spreading. Finally, the goddess’ divinity turned into stars protecting her kids. Her body became crystals buried in the deep abyss…

Beginning of Hope
The goddess left a final word before sleeping, “You are water, fire, wind and earth. All will return to chaos until you are recreated when doom comes.” Her message reveals that the crystals formed from the goddess’ body can be reunited to save this land. If the four elements can be summoned again, the world will recover to what it was.

Hundreds of years later, only the elders in surviving villages pass on the goddess’ prophecy. Eventually, humans found out that underground crystals contain massive power. At the same time, the evil dragon sealed in the abyss has summoned dark creatures to find the crystals so it can break away from the goddess’ shackles.

Kingdom Rift

Kingdom Rift Game

Kingdom Rift, the latest game set to be released by global publisher Reality Squared Games, will be opening it’s Alpha test server a few days from now.

In Kingdom Rift, Players assume the role of one of three distinct classes, Warrior, Hunter, or Warlock. As they traverse the expansive world, players will be faced with a dark storyline, and battle alongside Goddesses, as well as other adventurers. Combat is real-time and action oriented, with a focus on player skill and positioning.

Key Features:

Active player abilities focusing on skill and reflexes
Goddess Companions with unique upgradeable Artifact equipment
Multi-stage PvE systems, including tiered Dungeons and horde modes
In-depth player item trading system

Kingdom Rift will open it’s Alpha doors to the public Monday November 3rd PDT 09:00AM. It will last for 7 days, and all player feedback will be used to refine the user experience, as well as fix any bugs that might occur. The alpha ends at Sunday November 9th, 00:00AM PDT. Upon the conclusion of the Alpha, server data will be wiped to make way for the Open Beta test. For more details, visit the official Kingdom Rift Website at http://kingdom.r2games.com/.

Call of Alliance

Call of Alliance

Call of Alliance is a real-time fantasy MMORPG that transports players to ancient continents and challenges them to create their own legend. As the ultimate battle between good and evil spills onto earth, players must embark on an epic journey through a vast and varied world brought to life with stunning hand painted scenery. The free-to-play browser game boasts an array of innovative gameplay modes, featuring over 20 meticulously designed instances, regular daily events and a plethora of breathtaking multi-party PVP modes.

Demon Crusade

Demon Crusade

Demon Crusade is a new F2P Browser Fantasy MMORPG, currently in development by NGames and hosted by Game321. Demon Crusade is a 2D, side-scrolling experience which merges both Eastern and Western culture, creating a devilish adventure to protect the Demon Temple from its imminent destruction. Players can look forward to ancient myths, lost mechanical civilizations, whimsical mounts, smooth combat and more as they quest to become the savior the the underworld.

Users in Demon Crusade will play as one of three classes, either the Warrior, the Mage or the Ranger and will fight along side a powerful partners. Equipment and weapon looting and upgrading will play an important role in deciding success on the battlefield. Those brave enough can even go head-to-head in the PvP Arena, adventure to Sky City, challenge the multiplayer Devil King Instance or even hunt Dream Beasts to find new mounts and collect food to feed them.

In addition to all the exciting gameplay elements in this F2P Browser MMO, players will be able to own their own customizable home, each coming complete with a witch assistant to help. Your personal witch will tend to all your home’s necessities while you’re out adventuring and can be trained to master new house-centric skills!

Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online is a free to play browser based MMORPG that is based on the great Chinese novel Journey to the West. The novel was written and published in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and is widely known in English-speaking countries as Monkey. In this browser based game you will choose to be one of four ancient heroes, the most popular being the Monkey King, and try to bring peace to the broken world.

Check out our First Impressions video in the Video tab to take a look at the gameplay and decide if this free to play browser game is worth your time!

Angel Alliance

Angel Alliance

Angel Alliance is the latest browser, turn-based strategy MMORPG from Kabam, set in a fantastical world with heroes, magic and of course, as the title states, Angels. The game is based on the classic good versus evil conflict where the players represent the forces of light, who must reclaim the world from the hands of evil forces. Players will choose between three classes (Warrior, Mage or Archer) and must travel the world, leveling up their character, their team and their angels to create an unstoppable battle troupe.

Angel Alliance is a game that largely unfolds with minimal player involvement. On screen prompts and auto-pathing make themselves readily available, which keeps the pace of the game moving briskly. This makes it an ideal adventure for casual gamers or those with limited time to devote. Point and click movement is also available for those looking to get more involved in exploring the game’s gorgeous painted environments.

Battles are fought independent of player actions through auto-attacks. Despite being classified as a turn-based strategy browser game, there is really little strategy involved, as each fight is boiled down to nothing more than the player’s Battle Rating: an accumulation of the player’s attack, defense, HP, team, etc. The team with the higher Battle Rating will win every time. Still, players determined to maximize their team’s power will find plenty of customization available to boost their rating. Rewards from battles are bountiful and will often give players significant amounts of experience, gold and loot.

Angel Alliance does offer an interesting training program to help you gain powers for your Angel, as well as mounts and group features. There’s also a PvP arena, so you can take everything you’ve gained and go up against your friends and enemies. There are a decent number of players, and everyone seems friendly enough to help you along your journey and offer a good amount of social interaction, which is a great reason to play. While not the most engaging browser MMORPG available, players looking for a fast-paced distraction and entertaining story will find good value in Angel Alliance.

For more on what we thought about the game, check out our Angel Alliance First Impressions article!

City of Steam

City of Steam

City of Steam is a free-to-play 3D browser-based fantasy MMORPG by Mechanist Games. Set in an industrial world, players embark on a quest to restore society from post-apocalypse. Travel through the steampunk inspired universe and hack-and-slash your way through quests, missions, and instances.

Chose from 1 of 10 races; the Heartlanders, Ostenian, Stoigmari, Aven, Riven, Goblin, Hobbe, Draug, and the Orcs. There are also 4 different classes to chose from; the Gunner, Warder, Arcanist, and Channeler.

Kings Road

Kings Road

Become the
hero of KingsRoad! Embark on an epic RPG adventure as you battle your way
through monstrous enemies and collect legendary loot. Pick up your sword now
and save the kingdom!

kingdom lies in ruins, its armies defeated. Townsfolk cower in fear as evil
creatures known as the Shroud invade this once peaceful land. The people
desperately need a hero: Will that hero be you?


ACTION COMBAT: Annihilate your enemies as a knight, wizard, or archer. Learn
new skills and defeat towering bosses!

LOOT: Collect loot and customize your hero the way you want to play — with
thousands of options!

REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Team up with your friends and defeat the forces of
darkness together!

CONTENT: Never run out of enemies to slay with hundreds of maps and
difficulties available. Compete against players from around the world on new
event maps added weekly!

CROSS-PLATFORM: Battle with friends in real time across PC and mobile!
Seamlessly connect your game across all your devices. 

League of Angels

League of Angels

League of Angels is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from GTArcade where you will battle the forces of evil, with Angels by your side. In the game you act as one of the few that stand up to the evil forces of Suurde, while you seek to restore the power that the ‘Angels’ once had. Saving the Angels is only one part of your goal, as you attempt to defeat the evil in the land.

League of Angels will feature: A new battle system, that let’s you manage your party as well as a guardian angel which will buff the group and launch special ranged attacks, many dungeons including single player, cross server, arena, co-op and rogue-like dungeons, mini games and more!



It’s not every day that you come across a game with a squishy pink raid boss, pets that poop on command , a Meiji-era castle full of evil ninja, and a haunted mansion that fills up with quests every Halloween, but MapleStory, Nexon America’s free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG, offers all of that and more.

The adventure begins when you select your class. You pick from a hodgepodge of seemingly random characters, like a time-traveling samurai and a magical girl who can transform into a super hero (complete with theme song and catchphrase). Each character has a unique combat system and back story, but they’re all tied together by a common goal: to stop the Black Mage, the source of all evil in Maple World.

You’ll spend a good chunk of time perfecting your character’s looks and we don’t just mean equipment (though there are several robust systems that allow you to fine-tune your gear). We’re talking demon wings, duck pajamas, bell bottoms, pancake hats, briefcases, headphones, and hundreds of other items that let you create an in-game persona. Admiring peoples style while chilling in town is almost a mini-game of its own!

Sooner or later, you’ll want to group up with other players so you can experience the games Party Quests, like one that lets you mount dragons to fight enemies in the air. MapleStory has several ways of letting you do this. You can join Guilds, Alliances (big groups of Guilds), and Families. If you’re monotonously-inclined, you can even get married and gain access to a love-themed dungeon.

The game offers more pets, mounts, a monster farm, medals, theme dungeons, crafting, familiars but in the end, it’s not the systems that make MapleStory so unique… It’s the games perfect blend of panache and heart.

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