90s Inspired Online FPS Game TOXIKK Enters Early Access

The FPS genre has been dominated by military-based shooters in recent years, as each passing release witnesses yet another flood of progression-based add-ons that retract from the genres original purpose as a skill-based video-game. Well one developer feels it’s about time the online FPS action game returned to its roots with Reakktor Studios’ Early Access release of the 1990s inspired FPS game, TOXIKK.

For those that have grown tired of the grind progression, OP reward and broken customization options of today’s most popular FPS titles, TOXIKK provides a return to the basics with a barebones FPS game that was founded on the principles of player skill and ability. There are no leveling mechanics, there are no over-powered perks, players cannot take cover, there are no classes to balance – TOXIKK is about a man and his gun. Well, a team of men with their guns.

TOXIKK - Steam Early Access Teaser

Skill-based mechanics take to the forefront of TOXIKK’s design with deeply configurable mouse controls, dodge jumping, booster pick-ups, 9 powerful weapons and the iconic double jump. If you’ve longed to return to the early days of Quake, Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike, now’s your chance.

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1 thought on “90s Inspired Online FPS Game TOXIKK Enters Early Access”

  1. I love that tagline, “Party Frag like it’s 1999″ – Sounds like a good deal to me! 😀

    I’m excited to see how far this game goes. I’ve heard a bit of this around, and it seems to be well-received (‘Very Positive’ on Steam right now), so hopefully a community pops up and we keep seeing it grow.

    Between this, the new Unreal Tournament, Reflex, more news on NEXON’s Blue Streak, countless indie titles I’m sure, and the continued presence of titles like Xonotic, ShootMania, and Quake2World, there’s a lot to look forward to from Arena Shooters in 2015. What a genre to make a comeback (^-^)/

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