Wyrmius Mini-Game Arrives In Warframe

Digital Extremes today announced the full release of the highly anticipated side-scrolling mini-game based in the popular universe of the Warframe MMO. The developers of the award-winning AAA free-to-play title today released Wyrmius, a side-scrolling mini-game that offers players the opportunity to blast through endless waves of enemies in an old-school inspired game world with intuitive mechanics, fluid features and effortless controls.

To celebrate the launch of Wyrmius, Digital Extremes today revealed a new trailer highlighting some of the games most exciting elements:

Wyrmius Mini-Game - Now Available!

It’s not quite the cut-throat action combat associated with the critically acclaimed Warframe, but the 1980s inspired mini-game is sure to provide a healthy dose of nostalgia or an entertaining side-activity when you’re not saving the universe.

Source: Press Release

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