A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of Guild Wars 2

In a new post on the official website for Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson discusses the future of the game, including details on updates and new content in 2016 and a look back at some of the best features released this past year. Following the successful launch of Heart of Thorns the team now direct their efforts on future content updates coming throughout 2016.

The huge post goes into deep details regarding the teams goals for 2016, highlighting bug fixing, polish, balance and performance as a top priority alongside new additions including the upcoming release of PvP leagues, PvP guild challenger leagues and PvP pro leagues on December 1st and the return of the community favorite Wintersday event on December 15th.

Other content expected to arrive in coming weeks includes the first raid wing, Spirit Vale, an enhanced squad user-interface and 3 of the legendary weapon journeys will also be released. For more details on these and other events coming to Guild Wars 2, check out the full post below.

Source: Official Website

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