Massive WildStar Update Announcement Coming January 4th


Carbine Studios announced via Twitter that WildStar fans will get some exciting news, Wednesday January 4th, as the team will reveal the next “massive” WildStar update. In the true fashion of announcements announcing upcoming announcements, very little further information was revealed. A very short video accompanied the Twitter message which included the words “The fate … Read more

NCSofts Fun Filled Mini-Game Extravaganza Master X Master Enters Alpha Testing

Master X Master

NCsoft today announced that the third part of Alpha Testing for the unique MOBA inspired MMO, Master X Master, will beginning later today and will include tons of improvements and new features based on feedback from the community alongside new characters and French & German localization. Fans of the game will also be happy to … Read more

Echoes Of Eternity Expansion Live In Aion


NCSoft continue their relentless pursuit of the perfect MMO as they announce the release of yet another huge expansion update for the critically acclaimed free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Aion. The massive new expansion, Echoes of Eternity, is one of the most highly anticipated in Aion’s long history with a bevy of new content coming to the … Read more

New Security Methods Implemented Ahead Of Steam Launch For WildStar


We’ve known that WildStar is coming to Steam for some time but until today, we never knew the exact date. Previously a change in the Steam listing, that was quickly reverted, listed June 1st as the first potential release date but today the team at Carbine Studios sent out official word as WildStar launches on … Read more

Update 2.1 – Shattered Empire – Adds New Group Content & Events To Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

The realm of Silverfrost Mountains issues a challenge to Blade & Soul players today as Update 2.1, Shattered Empire, is now live and introduces a variety of new content including difficult new dungeons, an additional section to Mushin’s Tower and a new objective-based PvP game mode that supports 6v6 teams. The Shattered Empire is a … Read more

City Of Heroes Gone But Not Forgotten As 12th Anniversary Approaches

City Of Heroes

As the 12th anniversary for City of Heroes approaches the remaining members of the community have come together in an effort to arrange events to celebrate the memories and friends they created during their time protecting the iconic Paragon City. City of Heroes was closed by publishers NCSoft in 2012 but what followed was one … Read more

Blade & Soul’s Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Arrives This Week

Blade & Soul

NCSoft today announced the full contents and upcoming release Blade & Soul‘s first expansion with the highly anticipated Silverfrost Mountains update. The update is scheduled to arrive this week and will introduce the largest content update since the games release with the debut of a brand new continent containing new zones, quests and challenging end-game … Read more

Speed Leveling Event To Accompany Blade & Soul’s Unchained Release On March 2nd

Blade & Soul

NCSoft today announced an exciting speed leveling event that will accompany the release of the highly anticipated Unchained update for the recently release Blade & Soul. The Unchained update is scheduled to release on March 2nd and once it’s live everyone that reaches level 45 before server maintenance on March 23rd will be treated to … Read more

Unchained Update Revealed As Warlock Prepares To Invade Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

NCSoft today announced that they are working on the release for a brand new update for Blade & Soul titled Unchained, an update that is expected to launch next month and introduce a brand new class, the Warlock. The Unchained update, the second since the games launch last month, is expected to launch on March … Read more

Blade & Soul Celebrating 1 Million Active Players

Blade & Soul

NCSoft today announced that Blade & Soul‘s North American and European release has been a huge success as the game has already reached the impressive milestone of 1 million active players just days after its launch. [quote cite=” Dr. Songyee Yoon, CEO of NCSOFT West. “]“At NCSOFT, we are committed to providing our players an … Read more

WildStar Boss Hunter Challenge Announced


NCSoft today announced plans to launch an exciting new community event in WildStar with the January 7th release of the highly anticipated Boss Hunter Challenge. Running from January 7th through to January 10th the new Boss Hunter Challenge will see various World Bosses and Legendary Champions take to the battlefield to challenge the very best … Read more

Final WildStar Server Merges Complete


Developer and publisher teams Carbine Studios and NCSoft today announced that the final stages for the remaining server mergers for WildStar have been successfully completed as servers Entity, Entity-2, Jabbit and Jabbit-2 were the final servers to be merged. The planned server merges originally began back in November of this year following the successful and … Read more

Winterfest Set To Impress The Citizens Of Planet Nexus In WildStar

WildStar Winterfest

Carbine Studios and NCSoft today announced an exciting Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza event to celebrate this festive season running from December 16th 2015 through to January 1st 2016. Located within the Protostar’s SuperMall-in-the-Sky, the Winterfest event is a seasonal traditional on the world of Planet Nexus as players flock to capture the outrageous deals on … Read more