Hong Kong – May 8, 2015 – NGames is happy to announce that Abyss-Dark Arisen will be arriving soon for players to enjoy. Abyss-Dark Arisen is a 3D ARPG browser game to be released in June, 2015 by NGames. Based on Flash 3D development, the game provides exquisite graphics, smooth character action and highly free combat mode. Players can choose from 3 classes and a variety of stunning skills, fight along with heroes in a fantasy world of sword and magic. Players can find more information at http://abyss.game321.com/.

Birth of Elements
Originally, the world was in chaos without lands, oceans, or skies. There was only coldness in the North and heat in the South. At the center, was a magnificent Tree of Life.

The Sky Goddess Una was born under the influence of cold and heat. Una was unhappy with the darkness, so she created four elements – earth, water, fire and wind by using the Tree of Life and four magic syllables. With these elements, Una created vast land, oceans and creatures.

Intelligent Lives
As time passed, there were gods, giants and elves. The gods and giants lived in harmony until the reign fight. After being defeated, the giants were exiled from Gods’ Garden. The elves were born from the Tree of Life.

To make a better world, the goddess carved figures out of wood based on her own figure and gave them life. Thus, a new species was born – human.

Una passed her wisdom to humans, elves and giants. Humans were good at creation. Elves were experts at learning and the giants who were simple-minded were natural battlers. Under the goddess’ blessing, they had a peaceful life.

Evil Dragon’s Plot
While Una was creating the world, the evil dragon born in the darkness was scheming to lock up Una, because it was unhappy that the darkness was replaced by the brightness. However, its plot was seen by Una. The evil dragon was imprisoned in a magical prison. The evil dragon cursed that one day the goddess would pay for this.

The Nightmare
The evil dragon’s chance finally came. The giants had been discontent since they were expelled from Gods’ Garden. A dark lord’s servant convinced the simple-minded giants that they would be the strongest as long as they pulled up the Tree of Life in the goddess’ garden. One day, the giants succeeded while the goddess was away. The Tree of Life withered and the elements without the energy source disappeared in the air.

Goddess’ Dusk
The world soon collapsed without the elements needed from the Tree of Life. The goddess supported the world and sealed the evil dragon in an abyss with all of her magic. Una was so tired. She left her body on the earth and put her mind to sleep. The blood from her body became the first flood in the world. Learning that they were deceived, the giants lifted up the mountains and created a shelter for people to make up for their wrongdoings. Using elven magic, the elves tried to stop the blood from spreading. Finally, the goddess’ divinity turned into stars protecting her kids. Her body became crystals buried in the deep abyss…

Beginning of Hope
The goddess left a final word before sleeping, “You are water, fire, wind and earth. All will return to chaos until you are recreated when doom comes.” Her message reveals that the crystals formed from the goddess’ body can be reunited to save this land. If the four elements can be summoned again, the world will recover to what it was.

Hundreds of years later, only the elders in surviving villages pass on the goddess’ prophecy. Eventually, humans found out that underground crystals contain massive power. At the same time, the evil dragon sealed in the abyss has summoned dark creatures to find the crystals so it can break away from the goddess’ shackles.

1 thought on “Abyss”

  1. The game bugs all the time on all servers.
    This game has had a few testing rns to iron out the bugs, but its a lot worse now then previous tests.

    Server issues/Population issues
    What I am referring to is the servers. There is too many servers due to the low gaming population for this game. It is really hard trying to find help with team dungeons. Games always been like this since its release. Why have so many servers when you have hardly any players. Makes the whole game look dead.

    The events are a disgrace…. same events over and over again. Never changes. Same thing day in day out. This game only has a few hardcore gamers which makes me wonder how long it will be before the game is closed permanently this time.

    NPCs and City
    Really…. you didn’t take a single suggestion we made in alpha. Not a jolly thing. Same city over and over again, same 7 NPCs over an over again.

    There is a theme here.. same same same…. yeet you want us to contribute money ….. not like this I wont. Boss fight is the worse for me. Stand and hit, then stand and hit keep doing this before you get a reward ….maybe.

    I don’t even know what most of the items do to upgrade or where to get it…. little to no explanation in game. Over it. How does a game that offers so little have so many items needed to upgrade. Its all over the place with little to no explanation. Have you seen how many items are needed to upgrade. No wonder you less then 50 or 100 active players.

    Team Dungeon
    Can you tell me how the heck are we suppose to recruit people when there are only 5 people playing… could you explain that please. Its not as if you use fb to answer any questions. You have to let us at least try and run the dungeons ourselves and get rewards for doing so.

    Over that too. There is very little to do ingame when you run out of stamina points. Not worth farming in evil abyss.

    Every single quest feels repetitious, every single event is repetitious, the whole game is a vicious circle of repetition….

    Change the scenery, change the npcs, change the events… do something other then what your doing now.

    I don’t understand, in fail move…. how come you didnt allow players to move their characters freely amongst different servers, instead we have to create a new char for each one. Not going to do that stuck on a server that has hardly any people on it. Not much thought given to this game at all.

    Not gaming when you see 4 to 15 people at any one given time. So much grinding in this game have to rely on stamina to get points.

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