The Increasing Trend Of Active Combat In MMOs – MMOpinion

Up until recently, the most popular MMORPGs had a rather lackluster take on combat.  I mean, we’ve been pointing on enemies and clicking auto-attack for years.  Of course, we could always throw in a few spells and buffs to mix up the sequence along the way, but by and large combat has been rather passive.  But why should it be?  Combat is a huge part of MMORPGs, and gaming in general, so why take such a dull/passive take on it?

Well, more recently we have seen our games take a more active take on combat.  With the popularity of Skyrim and any FPS you can think of, players are wanting a lot more control of their character and want to be able to actively defeat their enemies using a number of abilities and spells along the way.  Titles like Wildstar and The Elder Scrolls Online and Dragon’s Prophet have all adopted this ‘new’ active combat trend.

So my question to you today is, what do you think about the increasing trend of this active combat in MMOs?  Do you think it is for the better or for the worse?  Is there another way you’d like to see combat done?  Let us know!

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