Additional Details Surface For The Elder Scrolls Online Buy-To-Play Model

Zenimax Online Studios continue to brave the turbulence in the wake of the buy-to-play transition for The Elder Scrolls Online announcement, as the developers hope to reassure players with additional insight into the who’s, whys, and whats.

Last Wednesday the team revealed to the world that The Elder Scrolls Online will be switching to an alternative financial model without subscription, instead utilizing the more accessible single-purchase and pay for DLC system.

Shortly before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, The Elder Scrolls Online will move to the buy-to-play transaction model on March 17th. From that date on players will be able to make a single purchase of the ESO game and then enjoy the full contents of the game without subscription.

The option to pay a subscription will still be available for those that want to support the game and receive a few gifts in return. Subscribers will be asked to pay a monthly fee in exchange for premium access, or ESO Plus. ESO Plus includes an exciting bundle of rewards including:

1500 complimentary Crowns (the new in-game currency) per 30-day membership period
Access to all downloadable content
10% bonus to experience earned
10% faster crafting research times
10% increase to crafting inspiration gain
10% bonus to gold acquisition

Source: GameSkinny

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