Jagex Highlight Wealth Of Exciting February Content For RuneScape

Jagex today revealed their plans for a glorious February in RuneScape with exciting new intermediate level quests, requiring level 30 Thieving & 30 Agility, that will see players defend the legendary Stone of Jas as Zamorake and his evil shadow monsters attempt to steal the great treasure.

Accompanying the new intermediate quest line is the return of the feared and infamous, Wildwyrm but this time its back for good. Surrounded by a posse of lava strykewyrms, the powerful Wildwyrm beast offers players the highest level of Prayer XP available, upgrades for the Abyssal Whip, Staff of Light and the Dark Bow.

Lastly players will also be able to unlock brand new emotes, costumes and themed weapons. All of this wrapped up in a sweet Double XP weekend bash.

RuneScape Behind the Scenes #137 - Wildywyrms, Demon Flash Mobs & Zamorak Heist

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